Best 9 Cheap Online Shopping sites For Saudi Arabia

Although most people prefer to go to the actual online shopping sites to buy what they want, there are some people who prefer to shop and buy products online because it is easier in terms of the speed of delivery or the quality of the product, as well as sometimes the products are cheaper on the shopping sites Online, but the question here is, what are the best choices for shoppers from Saudi Arabia?

In this article, we have prepared a list of 9 online shopping sites that are excellent for those looking for stores that provide better quality of delivery services and lower price-level campared with the other competitors. Our list of online websites provide you the ability to buy different product types, such as mobile phones and electrical appliances, or clothing for women, men, children or babies.

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Top Cheap Online Stores in Saudi Arabia 2023

1- Amazon Saudi Arabia website “”

Amazon is one of the best online shopping sites on a global level, which is headquartered in the United States of America and has a branch in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia “”, so I included it among the top 9 online shopping sites from Saudi Arabia, as it contains Millions of products from different categories of shopping including electronics, phones, home appliances, baby care, grooming, fashion and much more.

It also provides users with products at very low prices with daily discounts and offers on certain products and many other features.

One of the most prominent features that Amazon Saudi Arabia comes with is that it offers free delivery on your first order, delivers products to all parts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and provides customer service throughout the day to answer your inquiries and many other features that you will know when you start shopping from Amazon.

You can get the renewed Amazon Saudi Arabia discounts and offers by visiting the coupon sites and taking advantage of the 100% effective and updated coupon via the Amazon discount code page.

2- eXtra Website: (electronics shopping)

eXtra is one of the largest electronics stores in Saudi Arabia established in 2003 and has around 40 stores across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

eXtra started with physical stores, then moved to e-commerce, but it is now one of the largest sites in terms of sales, as it ranks 103rd most visited in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, due to the advantages that it brings, as it provides free delivery service on orders whose price reaches 100 riyals. Saudi.

The products on this site are mobile phones, computers, televisions, video games and personal care products, as well as all household electrical appliances, furniture, kitchen appliances and bedroom accessories.

The products are delivered to every place in Saudi Arabia through its shipping partners Aramex and SMSA Express,
Or you can order online and pick up from any of their stores in the country.

The site gives you the flexibility to pay in the store within 48 hours of placing the order or pay online using different payment options, including the local Saudi payment network, SADAD, credit cards, and the service of paying the price and costs of products when they arrive, it is one of the most popular cash on delivery shopping sites Delivery.

3- X-cite: (electronics shopping)

X-cite is another online shopping website from Saudi Arabia at cheap rates.

Xcite started with physical stores several years ago and is active online through its official website:

This site is for selling all kinds of electronics and electrical appliances only, where you can buy smartphones, computers, small kitchen appliances, game cards, air conditioners, and like the rest of the other sites, X-cite ships to all parts of the Kingdom, but their actual stores are located in Riyadh only.

This wonderful site for selling electronics provides free delivery service for products whose price reaches 201 riyals and allows you to return or exchange products in case of any defects for free with the possibility of paying money through credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) or through your PayPal account.

The cheapest Saudi clothing shopping sites offer cash on delivery

4- Modanisa website: (clothing shopping)

Modanisa is an online store for women’s clothing online.

It contains a wide range of products for women only, such as dresses, blouses, jackets, evening dresses and sportswear, in addition to veiled clothes, shoes and bags.

One of the most prominent features that Modanisa comes with is that it provides discounts on all types of products and supports the payment method via PayPal or credit card, bank card, as well as supports cash on delivery.

This site allows users to return and exchange orders within 14 days from the date of receipt in the event of any defects that customers notice in purchases when they arrive and receive them.

5- Needless to know!

Noon is one of the most powerful shopping stores that exist today, as many online shopping addicts in Saudi Arabia consider it the best alternative to, although it is not as popular, as it is very new compared to, which was launched for the first time in 2016. Funded by the Saudi Public Investment Fund, which owns a 50% stake, Emirati businessman Mohammed Al-Abbar, and the Kuwaiti Al-Shaya Company.

Through this site, you can buy everything you want from smart phones and tablets from the most famous international brands, home products, clothes for women, children and children, sports fashion, jewelry, skin care and personal care products. Noon provides huge discounts of up to 70% on many products, in addition to the presence of Lots of features that will catch your attention when shopping from Noon.

One of the most important features of is that it supports many different payment methods, including cash on delivery, credit cards, and AMEX.

Noon also includes a 24/7 customer service to answer your inquiries.

Top 4 clothing shopping sites in Saudi Arabia


Namshi is an online store to buy fashion and everything related to fashion online in Saudi Arabia. This store contains many products from underwear, through to formal wear and sportswear, where anyone living in Saudi Arabia can buy clothes for Raja, women and children, in addition to shoes, bags and accessories.

On the Namshi shopping site, you will find a section for beauty and skin care products, and the good thing about Namshi is that its products are modern and affordable, as it offers products from the most famous international clothing brands with discounts of up to 30%.

This wonderful store offers many different payment methods including payment by credit or debit cards and Paypal as well as cash on delivery method.

It also supports free shipping on products whose price exceeds 200 riyals, and the products are delivered in a period of 5 to 7 days, and allows its users to exchange or return products within 14 days of receipt.


Sivvi is another website for shopping and buying clothes online. The site is active in Saudi Arabia and allows shoppers to access their favorite brands from their homes, offering fashion, shoes and bags for all age groups whether they are children, men or even women and women from brands such as Puma, Mango, adidas, Nike and many more. From your favorite great brands in one destination.

Moreover, this site contains a section on accessories, health and beauty products.

The other advantages of the Sivvi shopping site include that it supports many different payment methods so that it is available to everyone and provides surprise offers and discounts of up to 20% with the advantage of returning or exchanging products if they have any defects except for some of them, which you should review the return and exchange policies of Sivvi site to get to know her.


SHEIN is one of the best sites for clothing and everything related to fashion in Saudi Arabia, where it allows users to buy summer and winter clothes for men, women and children, but it focuses more on women, as it contains shoes, accessories and bags, and also comes with a wide range of features that include Shein discount code 15 % on your first order with the advantage of free shipping on orders exceeding 484 Saudi riyals, express shipping (note that the products are shipped within a period of 10 to 15 days, depending on the place of receipt) and other advantages.

Moreover, Shein supports the payment method upon receipt or payment by credit or debit card in addition to the payment method through PayPal, and allows you to track your order so that you know where it arrived and when it will arrive.

9- Ounass website “”

Shopping for designer clothes and accessories has never been easier, with Ounass you will be able to buy clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, beauty, household items, and everything for men, women and kids from top brands like Zimmerman, Jonathan Simkhai and Nike.

In addition to other features such as the cash on delivery feature and the free and fast shipping feature to anywhere in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with discounts and offers on all products, making online shoppers happy.

So if you are looking for trendy and affordable fashion, Ounass is your first choice with fun and sophisticated styles that will help you stand out with elegant clothes all the time.

These were the best online shopping sites to buy the various categories of products you want in Saudi Arabia, including shopping for clothes, whether women’s or shopping for children’s clothes, buying electronics or household products and many other supplies that you can buy online through these sites from home, and it is worth us.

It should be noted that not all of these proposals are Saudi shopping sites, but some of them are not present in the Kingdom, but were nominated based on providing great features for those who are afraid of shopping from Saudi Arabia, whether the features of fast online payment, or cash on delivery, as well as the features of fast and free shipping from most of these sites to Saudi Arabia.