Best URL Shortener Without Ads

The best link shortening sites without ads are among the most powerful options available to many people who want to shorten and shorten links and share them beautifully and attractively across social networking platforms and networks Facebook, Twitter, Google, Reddit, Tumblr, and other other websites, and in today’s article we will learn On a group of the best link shortening sites without ads and shortening them.

How to shorten links

It is worth noting that the method of shortening links or shortening websites is based on a very simple idea, which is to copy the long, unformatted link and paste it on one of these websites, which helps to shorten the link and make it suitable and suitable for publishing through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

It is a method adopted by many sites and platforms in order to publish the links of their platforms through the communication networks, as this helps to convince the user, the visitor or the customer to click on the link and also share it in other places, and this will make the expansion and spread of the link possible and easy, and therefore The goal will be achieved such as profit from the Internet, e-marketing, or affiliate marketing.

Many people use ways to shorten and publish their links to earn money for free through affiliate marketing or get visits and views from search engines. Choosing and shortening the link is very important in improving the process of archiving the article and improving its visibility through search engines within what is known as SEO science and strategy.

Best URL Shortener Without Ads 2022

Are you looking for a site to shorten links for Facebook? Do you want to shorten links without captcha? All this will be possible with a series of famous websites and electronic platforms around the world, which make it easy for you to shorten links without annoying ads, as follows:

shorte a short site to shorten links

Short or in English shorte is one of the sites for shortening and shortening links, where the site has a lot of wonderful features that make it the strongest in this field, where you can shorten your links in a very small and fast without any complications or difficulties at all, and the most beautiful without ads.

All you have to do is go to visit the link click here, and then copy your link that you want to shorten and shorten, and then paste it in the box designated for that at the top directly from the site, and then click on the Shorten option to start the process of shortening the link.

You will also be able to earn money for free by shortening the link that you want to share through social networks, and this depends on the number of views and clicks that the link will receive, so be sure to register and create an account on the site to achieve financial income from it. site

Another site among the link shortening sites without ads is (adfly) or in English adfly, which is a site bearing the bee logo, and the site has many great advantages, including ease of use, all you have to do is create an account on adfly and register to start shortening links with a click of a button One, with plenty of options to choose the right domain for the link you want to shorten and share online.

The coolest thing about this site is that you can earn money quickly if you make only 5 US dollars, you can send it to your PayPal account at the beginning of each month, where the profits are sent immediately, whatever their value, and you can visit the site link click here.

Bitly’s website

One of the best links shortening sites, which bears the name (Betley) or in English Shorten, and it is one of the wonderful platforms that are no less important than the previously mentioned (Ad Fly) site, as the site carries many features and improvements, including great ease in shortening the link and sharing it across communication platforms .

It comes with a very simple user interface, and there are millions of links that are shortened every month. It is the most popular and widespread site around the world, for the advantages it enjoys, and the beautiful thing is that it does not require creating and registering an account to be able to shorten and shorten links, click here to visit the site link Online which is the best URL shortener without ads.

More URL shorteners without ads

TinyURL website

An easy-to-use and completely free site that you can add to your browser online instead of visiting the site every time, TinyURL is a very useful platform and website that shortens the link in a very short way to facilitate the task of sharing it across social networks and platforms.

All you have to do is go to visit the website link click here, and then copy the link you want to shorten, paste it in the search box Enter a long URL to make a TinyURL and then click on the shortening option to start the process of shortening the link.

BLink’s website

Free and easy to use Blink platform is among the best link shortener sites without ads 2022, it has a large number of great features that make it the best at all, and it is a foreign site that is easy to use and uncomplicated, go to create an account on the site, and then start to To shorten links very easily, click here.

URL Shortener by Zapier

The best alternative to Google URL Shortener, which has been condemned to death, URL Shortener is one of the platforms that makes it easier for you to shorten the link thanks to a number of tools and options available to you.

All you have to do is to go to the site, click here, and then log in to create a new account on the site so that you can use it without any problems, and then copy and paste the link you want to shorten on the site directly, and after clicking on the shortening icon or entering Inter.

Short links for Facebook and other networks

We are still with the best link shortening sites without ads, there are many other sites that you can visit and shorten links and make money from them at the same time, and they are as follows:

  • Rebrandly website.
  • Shoreby website.
  • Snipply website.
  • website
  • . platform
  • website.
  • Getsurl website.
  • And many other sites that you can count on.

In conclusion, in today’s article, we learned about the best link shortening sites without ads 2022, which is a wonderful group of websites that make it easier for you to shorten and beautify your links and make them acceptable for publication instead of the inappropriate form of long links, especially Arabic links, which appear inappropriate.