When should the iPhone battery be changed?

After you have purchased and used the iPhone for a period of no less than 5 months, you may notice that the phone has become depleting the charging power in its battery very quickly, and you will find that no time has passed for charging the phone and the charge has become at 50%, Apple has stated that all iPhone devices with a lithium-ion battery, after a period of use, are unable to maintain the charge inside them in an adequate manner.

How to know the health and life of the battery

By entering the iPhone settings, you can choose the battery health icon. On this page, everything related to your phone battery will appear, that is, its maximum capacity and its maximum performance.

What is the maximum capacity of the battery?

Maximum battery capacity is a measure of the battery capacity in relation to how long and when the battery has been new and at its best. It is necessary that the new phone reads 100% and with the passage of time the percentage decreases and in this case you know that the battery is draining its energy over time.

What is the maximum performance capacity of the battery

Through this feature, you can know if your phone battery is in good condition or not, and that happens when you see the phrase “The battery is currently supporting normal peak performance”, so you know here that you are completely safe, If the opposite appears, or you notice that your phone suddenly turns off without warning, this is a dangerous indicator that threatens the life of the battery.

The right time to change the iPhone battery

If you purchased your iPhone before 2014, or if your device is running on iOS 11.2, then naturally you will not find the feature to inquire about battery health, so we will explain to you in the following lines how to identify if the battery needs to be changed or not:

  • If you notice that the phone battery drains every few hours.
  • If you can only use the phone when it is connected to the charger.
  • If the phone charge is 10% and suddenly it stops working, this is an indication of a weak battery.
  • By downloading the Battery Health app, you can find out the battery life if you suffer from previous conditions in your phone.

How to change the iPhone battery

You can rely on more than one method when you want to change the iPhone battery, which are:

  • First method: By communicating with Apple either you go to them and here the battery will be repaired and changed while you are there, Or you send the device to them in which case it will take 3-5 days.
  • Second method: Is to rely on external stores to repair devices and smartphones, and in this case, the cost will not be as high as the situation in Apple.
  • Third method: Buy the battery yourself through online stores that offer a lot of offers, such as Amazon, and it is characterized by sending you a model for installing the battery, so you can install it yourself without paying a lot of money.

Thus, we have come with you to the conclusion of this article, in which we talked about the appropriate time to allow iPhone users to change the battery, in the event that you notice the defects that we explained in the previous lines on your phone.