How to restore WhatsApp after being hacked

Explaining how to restore WhatsApp after being hacked is among the most searched for through the Google search engine, As a lot of people have recently complained about their WhatsApp account being hacked, This is in light of the spread of many links and mined software that target the theft of accounts on WhatsApp or through many other messaging applications .

WhatsApp Messenger is one of the most popular and popular instant messaging programs around the world. That is why it is the first goal of many hackers who want to spy, see and intrude on the secrets of other users. There are millions of scam methods that are used to inflict many victims, you may be among them, Therefore, today we will learn about an explanation of how to recover a WhatsApp number after being hacked.

How to restore WhatsApp after being hacked

There are a lot of people looking for the code to close WhatsApp remotely after being hacked and hacked, But in fact, this method does not enrich and does not make you feel hungry. As there are no codes used to close the account on WhatsApp after hacking, But at the same time there are good ways that you can use to recover and restore your account on WhatsApp, This is what we will learn about in our article for today. which is next:

Contacting technical support for WhatsApp

The technical support mail for WhatsApp is one of the ways to restore WhatsApp after it has been hacked and controlled. It is the most official and common method used by a large number of users who have fallen victim to fraud, theft and hacking of their WhatsApp account.

The method is that you must communicate with the parent company (WhatsApp), which is owned by the social network Facebook directly, Where the company provides a technical support email that you can use to send a message asking for help or retrieve the hacked WhatsApp, and the method is as follows:

WhatsApp recovery without code

  • Go to your Gmail or Hotmail (Outlook) email and create a new message to contact WhatsApp Messenger support directly.
  • Write in the addressee box the official email to communicate with the WhatsApp company, which is and make sure that it is written correctly so that the sending is successful.
  • Write in the subject line of the mailing message (Loss or theft of WhatsApp account, please deactivate) or any attractive message that directly explains the content of the problem, in order to help you respond quickly to your message and deal with it, and thus help restore WhatsApp after being hacked and hacked.
  • Start explaining the problem in detail and backing up your situation with numbers and things that prove that you are the owner of the hacked WhatsApp account already.
  • Finally, click on the Submit button.

We will respond to you within a few days, depending on the importance of the message sent. Usually, a response is received within two days at the latest. Where Facebook has produced a work team and technical support for WhatsApp to help restore WhatsApp after it was hacked, after many complaints were issued about the hacking operations that a large segment of users were exposed to in the recent period. This is due to the emergence of many scams and hacks that are sent in the form of links or images, That is why it is important to be careful and not deal with it at all.

How to get back WhatsApp after being hacked

Another way to restore WhatsApp after being hacked is through the SIM card. It is the basis on which the company relies to obtain the activation code through which the account is activated without any problems.

Therefore, all you have to do to be able to restore WhatsApp after being hacked is to issue a new SIM card in case there is a defect in the current mobile card, By going to your local telecom company, And then delete the WhatsApp Messenger program and log in again by adding your old phone number used in the hacked account.

The code request will be sent immediately to the phone number or card used on your device, Enter a six-digit code and the account will be approved immediately if the numbers are correct, The hacker will be logged out of your WhatsApp account because you have verified your account ownership.

Here, you should pay attention to one of the ways to hack a WhatsApp account is to use the codes sent to your card or SIM card, Where a message is sent telling you that you must send the code to a specific number, It is, in fact, dishonest and deceptive. The company never requests the code in this way, whether it is via a card or through e-mail, Do not put yourself in danger of being hacked so that you do not have to use the WhatsApp recovery method after it has been hacked.

How to protect your WhatsApp account from hacking

It is important if you are able to recover WhatsApp after being hacked, that you secure yourself and protect your account from any thefts in the future. There are many ways to protect a live WhatsApp account, so you do not have to delete the WhatsApp account, Including:

  • Activate the two-step verification feature, It is a feature that allows you to add an additional layer of protection to your account on WhatsApp, When the hacker logs into the account, He will only be able to complete the theft process when he enters a secondary password that will be sent to your chip via the card, In order to be entered, it must be written correctly for confirmation.
  • Not to deal with any kind of anonymous and mined links, Be sure to check the link before opening it. Or delete the message immediately in the event that the person is not your contacts and not deal with him at all.
  • Activate antivirus programs and mined links on the smartphone.

Finally, In today’s article, we learned how to restore WhatsApp after being hacked, which are the ways that you can recover your WhatsApp account after hacking in case you are exposed to this, The method of contacting WhatsApp technical support is one of the best ways to save you the trouble and make it easier for you to restore the account on WhatsApp.