How to search on Twitter without an account

Many people are looking for a way to search on Twitter without an account, where the Twitter search feature without the need to create a new account on Twitter is one of the free services and features available on the social platform, where you can search for a person or friend, Or follow the news published, or a specific hashtag without logging in to the account, In today’s article, we will learn how to search on Twitter without an account.

Search Twitter without an account

In many cases, we do not find enough time to log into our Twitter account by typing the email, and password, It takes some time, We may not want to create a new Twitter account because we do not need that account at this time.

For these and other reasons, you and others may be interested and looking for how to search through Twitter without an account or login, As we mentioned, this feature is among the most prominent features of the Twitter platform, Which we may not find in any other social network such as Facebook, Tumblr and other social networks.

How to search on Twitter without an account

There are many ways that you can search Twitter without an account, It is a method provided by the parent company to users in order to facilitate the search process within the platform, Here are the best ways:

Twitter advanced search Twitter

The first and most common way is by using the advanced search feature on Twitter without an account to facilitate the task of finding the latest news, events and global developments in a better and faster way, Also you can find VIPs and celebrities, Follow up on hashtags, hashtags, photos, videos, and other important things. The method is as follows:

  • Go to the Twitter Advanced Search link on your web browser in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Using your Windows computer, click here .
  • You will be moved to advanced search.
  • You will have a lot of data and information that you must fill in to search for the command you want to access, It is divided into more than one section, including: (Words – Accounts – Filters – Share – Dates) as in the attached picture.
  • Search in the way that suits you by typing one of the words you want to search for or the account you want to know its owner and other options, Or use filters based on responses or links.
  • Click on the Search button right at the top.
  • Wait until the search and scan process is completed and you will see the full results as you requested.
  • The result will appear divided into more than one section, including (best, most recent, people, photos, video clips).
  • Choose what is right for you from the previous options to filter the search result at the expense of your choice.

Twitter Search directly Twitter Search

We are still with how to search Twitter without an account, And this time, we won’t need the advanced Twitter search, It is easy for you to use the direct search method on the platform and the method is as follows:

  • Go to the Twitter link (Explore) Click here .
  • On the main page, the section (Your Trader) or the most popular will appear, which is the news that is being traded at this moment, You can click on a specific hashtag such as the hashtag baseball (Japanese baseball league) to get all the complete news on the topic that many athletes are interested in.
  • Type in the (Twitter search) box directly above the sentence, word or hashtag that you want to reach, And then press Enter.
  • The search will be categorized into five sections (best, most recent, people, photos, videos) choose the appropriate category for you to show the results related to it, whether it is an image, or a person, or a video clip.
  • It’s easy to control Twitter’s search filters via the side menu, depending on location and people.

In this very simple and easy way, You will be able to search Twitter without an account, These are the two most popular and widely used methods.

Follow a Twitter account without an account

It is also easy for you to follow a Twitter account without an account or login, By searching for the person’s account via Twitter’s advanced search, Or search via Google Drive.

You will see all the thumbnails he has shared and written publicly, But if the account is private, you will not be able to see his tweets at all, for the sake of privacy and protection.

All you have to do is type the unique username directly after and then press the Enter button to go to the page of the person you want to view the tweets and publications he shares, This way, you will be able to follow it and get its news first.

Finally, In today’s article, we learned how to search on Twitter without an account, which is the method that makes it easier for you to get news and information through the platform without the need to log in to your account or create another new account to save time and effort.