How to recover Snapchat account without email and mobile number

Many users of the Snap Chat electronic application have lost their accounts without warning for many reasons, either violating the general rules of the application or submitting reports in their accounts by others, so we will learn in the following lines. or not.

Is it possible to retrieve a Snapchat account without an email and mobile number?

Of course, your account on the Snapchat application can be easily restored if you lost your account, but you did not remember your email address, or you no longer have the mobile number for the account as well, and we will explain this to you in the following lines:

Steps to recover snapchat without email

  • Go to the snapchat account recovery link from here .
  • Click on the next tab and choose from it Restore Snapchat account by mobile number.
  • Type in the mobile number you previously registered your Snapchat account with.
  • Click on the continue icon.
  • Wait until you receive the activation number on the mobile phone.
  • Type the code in the empty field.
  • You have to reset a new password for your Snapchat account.

how to recover snapchat account without mobile number

Do not worry when you lose your mobile number, you will also be able to restore your account on Snapchat without the mobile number with easy and simple steps:

  • Enter the official Snapchat account recovery link from here .
  • Now you have to click on the account settings field and choose from this field to retrieve your snapchat account by email or email.
  • Snapchat will send a message with the account recovery code to your email.
  • Enter the recovery code in the field designated for it.
  • Now you have to write a new password and make sure that it is strong so that it is not guessed by others.

How to recover snapchat account without email and mobile number

In the event that you lost your account in the Snapchat application, but at the same time you lost your mobile number and the email with which you registered your account on this application, you will be able to try to restore your account again, but through only one attempt, which is to communicate with the technical support of the application, by relying on the steps next:

  • Log in directly to the Snapchat app from your mobile phone.
  • Start by registering a new account for you on the application.
  • Register the account with your own mobile number, even if it is new.
  • You have to type the username as a tag from the same name as the account you lost.
  • Now you have to write a complete message to the technical support staff explaining to them all the details of losing your account on Snapchat in full, And inform them that you lost your email as well as your mobile number.
  • You should mention in the message a username that you previously used for your lost account and also if you mention anything about this account don’t forget to write it down. In order to quickly respond to your request and consider it.

snapchat account recovery link

Through the following link, you can restore your account on the Snapchat application after you lost it, whether by e-mail or through the mobile number and the link from here .

And here we conclude with you this article, in which we discussed how to retrieve your own account on the Snapchat application, but without the need for an email and your mobile number, with easy and simple steps.