Best Cryptocurrency Trading Sites in Saudi Arabia

The past years have witnessed a huge increase in cryptocurrency trading at a time when its spread in the Arab world has increased dramatically, and a large segment of people have started searching for the best digital currency trading platforms in Saudi Arabia and other countries.

At a time when searches have also increased for ways that enable people to complete trading and buy and sell cryptocurrencies, with the need for a person to get acquainted with the best reliable trading platforms at the outset, Which allows him to trade online from home, As it represents the role of mediator between the seller and the buyer, and this is done according to a commission in exchange for purchases or sales.

Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms in Saudi Arabia

To ensure the security of your investment in an environment free from excessive risks that could drag you into the abyss overnight, You should be careful in choosing the trading platform through which you will run your adventure, Where you have to investigate well in various ways about the history of the company and its reliability and whether it is licensed or not, As well as providing the possibility of opening an Islamic trading account that is free from usurious commissions that Sharia has forbidden from its roots, regardless of their quantity and details.

All these details and more than that, you have to be careful in the investigation stage and obtain reliable an confirmed information that they are licensed and trusted trading platforms and sites among investors and they trust their dealings.

As for the best reliable cryptocurrency trading sites that provide brokerage services in Saudi Arabia for the year 2021, based on the evaluation of investors and the opinions of financial experts, They come as follows:

Binance platform

The Binance platform is one of the most prominent trading platforms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which was established and launched and came to light for the first time in 2017, which makes it a modern one.

During that short period of time, the Binance platform succeeded in imposing its name strongly among the trading platforms in the Kingdom and even in the Arab countries in general, due to the multiple advantages it offers, which made it able to attract a large segment of investors around the world.

The people behind the platform have long experience in the field of online stock trading, and this platform was included only six months after its appearance in the ranking of the most important platforms for cryptocurrency trading.

One of the advantages that the Binance platform comes with is that it is available in many languages of the world, most notably the mother tongue English in addition to the Arabic language as well, at a time when the platform is one of the most prominent safe platforms for trading with the support of the incentive awards system for regular traders.

The advantages that the platform provides are not limited to that only, but it works to provide a very distinct level of support compared to the rest of the other platforms at a time when it supports a large number of paper currencies such as the US dollar and more than one other currency and is one of the best platforms in terms of trading fees as well as deposit and sale .

How to create an account to trade cryptocurrency on Binance

Below we will put in your hands how to open a cryptocurrency trading account through the famous Binance platform, They are as follows:

  • The first step is to enter the official website of the platform and search for creating an account with the need to write the email and password.
  • The next step is to click on the Create Account button after agreeing that the registered person is over eighteen years old.
  • The third step in which the personal phone number is written with the slide of the tape to install the animation inside the space to increase security.
  • The last step is to confirm the e-mail by entering the password that was sent to the e-mail in the fields designated for that.

Bittrex platform

The second platform that we are talking about in the report of the best cryptocurrency trading sites in Saudi Arabia is the bittrex platform, which is the international trading platform that is included in many different exchanges in the world and works all the time to provide a large number of currencies to ensure ease of trading.

At the same time, the bittrex platform is also working to provide a wide range of digital wallets so that people can rest assured that all the transactions that take place through it are very safe with the ability of this platform to implement any of the services quickly and instantly.

The bittrex platform came to light for the first time in 2013 and has become one of the largest means for electronic trading in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and over the past few years it has reached the third platform in the world in terms of the volume of cryptocurrency trading.

The trading volume of the bittrex platform is 300 million USD per day while the platform has managed to gain a very good reputation due to the reliability it provides in front of clients and traders.

The platform enables people to quickly access a large number of cryptocurrency transactions and also provides a generalized engine for trading using simple computing that has reached a continuously scalable form.

The advantages of the platform are not limited to that, but it also provides a customer support service that is always very efficient, with a dedicated support page that is active all the time, and accounts across various social media sites.

CEX.IO . platform

The last platform we are talking about in our article is the CEX platform, which is headquartered in Britain and is one of the best platforms that work in the field of trading in Saudi Arabia because of its great ability to buy digital currencies in exchange for paper money.

This platform offers people the opportunity to trade between fiat currencies as well as digital currencies, as it provides the possibility of depositing any of the amounts using Mastercard directly, with the need to see the countries that support this platform at the beginning and before starting trading because of the possibility that there are some conditions that have changed during the recent period Last.

The CEX platform supports the ability to trade some paper currencies such as the US dollar in addition to the British pound, the euro, as well as the Russian ruble and other currencies, which made it gain wide popularity among Saudis.

And here we come to the conclusion of our article today. Which we talked about about the 3 best cryptocurrency trading sites in Saudi Arabia, highlighting all the advantages that each reliable trading platform brings, which we mentioned during our article.