How to make sure that the Internet speed is excellent?

With your subscription to high internet speeds, You are always surprised that the speed does not reach full at times due to several factors.

In this article, we will mention several ways to make sure that your connection is safe and that your internet speed is excellent
Internet speed varies from time to time for many reasons, Like pressure on the main network in general. or household members using the same communication at the same time, And sometimes there is a problem with home Internet connections in terms of internal connections or main cables.

It’s hard to make sure the main cables are safe for sure whenever you have a connection problem or feel slow on your internet. But you can easily find out the true speed of your connection without tampering by using a reliable speed test site.

Most people use

As a sure reference for the real speed of his home internet line. Unfortunately, Speed Test is not always accurate and not 100% accurate.

Speed Test measures the speed between servers and not the actual speed you receive on the device. That is why you will find that the speed is often faster than the actual speed you are getting. But for a more accurate measurement of Internet speed, you can use another site, which is: from Netflix

This site belongs to Netflix and is used to guide and know your actual speed on the basis of which the quality of the display on the Netflix site is determined.

The site doesn’t show much detail other than download speed. When you choose to view more details, the site shows your upload or upload speed, but also is sometimes not accurate enough.

From experience, the most accurate sites for measuring internet speed are:

The site is completely independent and does not follow any parties and measures the speed of the Internet that reaches your device directly, and not only the speed of the Internet between servers or servers.

The site contains more than one pattern to measure the speed of the Internet. You can choose to measure download speed only or upload speed only. Or do a double measurement.

The site can also be set to perform an automatic Internet speed test every period and report the stability of the speed. Finally, you can measure the speed of data transmission and retrieval, Latency, or what is called ping, It is special for the speed of browsing and the stability of online games.

In other words, you can say in short that the site is complete and absolutely free, And it doesn’t require you to know the real speed more than a click of a button.

As shown, this is the actual internet speed for the same internet line that was tested in the previous pictures, As you can see, there is a difference between the actual test speed here in this picture and the result that appears in the Internet speed test by the speedtest website.

There is a significant difference in internet speeds shown in each test. Although this is the same connection on the same line and the measurement was done from the same computer. But the problem is that other sites either measure the speed of the servers or they cannot bypass the restrictions that some service providers put on the sites to measure the speed in real terms.