How to change the password if you forgot the password for the stc modem

Wireless internet users used to hack their Wi-Fi and steal the password from unknown people. Therefore, every Internet user must constantly change the password for his device, in order to provide more security and prevent other people from entering your device, so that the Internet package does not expire prematurely or becomes slower, Through the following lines, we will learn how to change the password for the stc modem if you forgot the password used.

What is meant by stc modem basic number?

The stc modem’s main number is the IP number that is written behind the router or at the bottom of the device, and it is usually written on a sheet of paper attached to the device. It is the number that is used to write it on the Internet browser to enter the official stc router settings page on the network. Besides the modem’s IP, you will also find the user name and password for it, and all this information is the data for unlocking the device, It is usually a number like The IP usually differs from one device to another depending on the version.

How to change the primary number in stc router

Sometimes it requires you to change the root password of the router and not the password for the Wi-Fi, In stc, you can change it using the following steps:

  • Entering the IP number by typing it in the electronic browser, This is according to the version of the router, and you will find the number behind the device.
  • By default, type the username and password, which is admin.
  • Select the settings box and enter the password and name.
  • Change the default login information, click Save, and then Next.
  • Pay close attention to saving this data, as you will not be able to access the modem without it again.

Change the password if you forgot the password for your stc 4g modem

  • Type this link into your Internet browser.
  • After opening the page, type the user name and password for the modem to access it.
  • Click on the login box.
  • Go to the main settings page.
  • Click on the Internet tab from the options.
  • Set the connection mode to automatic.
  • Click on the wifi icon and change the password.
  • Click on the Save tab, and then restart the router again.

stc 4g modem password change

You can change the stc 4g modem password from your computer using the following steps:

  • First, connect the computer to the modem.
  • Enter the modem link through the electronic browser, which is
  • Type your user name and password and click Login.
  • Click on the Settings tab, and then select the Wlan box.
  • Now select the SSID field and start typing the new name of the network.
  • Type the new password in the wpa pre-shared key field. And then click Save to record the new data.

Change network code for stc modem from mobile

The method of changing the network code or password for the stc modem from the mobile is not much different from the previous method for the computer, but in this method you must connect your device, whether it is Android or iPhone, to the Wi-Fi network of the router:

  • Enter the link for the modem which is or according to the version of the router and you will find it behind the modem device.
  • Type your username and password in the empty fields.
  • Click on the password to open the modem page.
  • Click on the Wpa tab and start typing the new network code.
  • Click Save to record and save the changes.

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With this, we have come with you to the end of this article, in which we discussed how to change the password in case it has been forgotten for the stc modem, We also explained to you how to change it through the computer and through the mobile.