How to download games without Google Play

Many Android device users want to download many electronic games without using Google Play, whether on smartphones, computers and laptops, As there are many games available on the Google Chrome browser, you can download and download them easily through direct links because Google Play does not support downloading many games, Through this article, we will learn how to download these games in smooth steps and without any complications.

Google Play Store

The Google Play Store is the online marketplace on all Android devices, where all its users can browse, download, install and use all electronic applications and games. It is a digital media store that was released in 2008. This store has many advantages, including:

  • Download all kinds of movies and series.
  • Download electronic games of all sizes and types.
  • Download various e-books, social media and communication programs.

Download games without Using GooglePlay Store

Due to the difficulty of downloading many new electronic games through the Google Play Store, many electronic stores have provided the service of downloading a huge group of these games through direct links, Stores that support this:

  • Majid mego 1 game store.
  • Arab Play Store matiarplay.

Download from Majid mego 1 store

Majid mego 1 games store is one of the most prominent and famous alternative electronic stores to the Google Play store, where this store has provided a huge library containing many modern electronic games that were not provided by the Play Store for various Android devices. The first that is accepted by all Android users and its most important advantages:

  • The store provides a distinguished list of various electronic games such as entertainment games for children, action and war games, racing games, Speed and zombie games.
  • You can download more than one game through the Majid Games Store, where the site does not impose a specific number on you when downloading.
  • Downloading games through this store is completely free without paying any fees.
  • You can download games through the store on your phone or computer, and you can play online without the need to download.
  • This store does not require you to log into it with any email.

Majid mego 1 store games list

Majid mego 1 play store provides a huge selection of games and its list includes:

  • Action and fighting games.
  • War games and cars.
  • Girls and kids games.
  • 3D games.
  • adventure games.
  • Truck and bike games.
  • Speed games.
  • zombie games.
  • Online flash games.

How to download games from Majid play store

Through a simple set of steps, you can download electronic games without the need for the Google Play Store, The steps are:

  • Enter the Majid Games Store through this link
  • Write the name of the game in the search box of the site.
  • Click on the “Search” tab on the main page.
  • The game page will open. Read and agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Click on the “Download” tab to complete the download.
  • You can play online through the store by opening the game and clicking on the “Start Playing” tab.

Arab Play Store matiarplay

The Arab Play Store matiarplay is the best and most prominent electronic store that was launched on the Internet to replace the Google Play Store, which was unable to provide a wide range of distinguished electronic games, This store has a lot of advantages and characteristics that made it reap a lot of visits, Among the main advantages of this store:

  • The matiarplay store provides a simple interface that helps you to use it with ease and without any complexity.
  • All electronic games available on the store are free.
  • The store provides more than one icon, including one for electronic games only.
  • The store allows you to download games on your phone or play them online.
  • The store provides you with a link to the Telegram application belonging to them to learn from it all the new store and update electronic games.
  • The store allows you to download various electronic applications, not just games.

Arab Play Store games matiarplay

The Arab Play Store matiarplay provides many distinguished electronic games, and the list of games in this store includes:

  • Action and excitement games.
  • Simulation and adventure games.
  • Racing and role-playing games.
  • Intelligence and arcade games.
  • light games.
  • Educational games.
  • Recreational and sports games.
  • Family and strategy games.
  • Word games and puzzles.

How to download the Arab Play Store games matiarplay

You can download electronic games through the Arab Play Store matiarplay easily through a set of steps, and it is:

  • Enter the link for the Arab Play Store matiarplay through this link
  • Click on the square bar icon on the main menu, which is specific to the electronic games page.
  • Type the name of the game in the search box and click on the search icon.
  • After accessing the game, click on the word download or download.

And here we conclude with you this article, which is how to download electronic games without the Google Play Store, And that is through the famous online stores specialized in downloading many modern games that are not supported by the Google Play Store.