How to use PassFab iPhone Unlocker to unlock iPhone lock screen

Many people are looking for programs that enable them to overcome the problems they face with the use of Apple phones that come with the iOS operating system.

How do I unlock the iPhone if I forgot the password without a computer? How do I unlock the iPhone if I forgot the password? Examples of questions that need correct answers in order to overcome such difficulties faced by users of these types of phones, In this article, we present one of the best programs to unlock the locked screen of the iPhone, which enables you to bypass the iPhone lock if you forgot the password, Namely, PassFab iPhone Unlocker .

How to unlock the phone if you forgot the passcode of the iPhone

Have you ever forgotten your phone’s lock screen passcode? Have you ever forgotten the password and need to bypass the code of the screen to know the correct way to unlock and unlock the mobile.

All you have to do at that time is to use PassFab iPhone Unlocker, which is one of the best programs that enables people to unlock the phone if they forget the iPhone password, especially since the device will ask you to enter the passcode when turning on for the first time or restarting it.

While some people suffer from this problem when clearing the phone data, viewing the passcode settings and then changing all these things and more, PassFab iPhone Unlocker can easily and easily solve it.

Steps to unlock iPhone screen lock using PassFab iPhone Unlocker

Have you forgotten the passcode for iPhone 12? There is no need to worry, especially since the program is able to solve all these problems with simple steps that are free of any complications and people who own phones that come from Apple can use it to overcome this problem.

The way to unlock the phone if you forgot the iPhone password using the PassFab iPhone Unlocker program is as follows:-

1- The first step is to run the program and then the person sees four main features in the opening interface.

2- Then click on the Start button.

3- The next step is to connect the person’s Idevice to the computer, With the need to connect the phone to the computer that is running the program and press the word Next.

4- Download the software package and then choose the save path for the file and press the word download in order to ensure the use of the firmware.

5- All you have to do after that is just wait for a few minutes with the need to check the network connection is good.

It is necessary to have at least 7 GB in order to ensure that the package is downloaded and in case the download fails, click on the Click here to get it button from the web browser.

Remove the screen lock passcode, then the device can be unlocked without the need for any passwords or typing a new code and using Touch ID, Or his Face ID.

How to Format iPhone 6 If You Forgot the Password

There are a lot of reasons why a person forgets the password for the iPhone, which causes great inconvenience with the search for a way to format iPhone 6 if you forgot the password, which comes as follows: –


The first ways that people can erase all the data on the devices in the event of forgetting the password without jailbreaking through iTunes is as follows:

  1. Connect the iPhone to the computer via a cable, with the need that the phone has been previously connected to the computer through iTunes.
  2. The iTunes program is opened, taking into account that a question is asked about the phone’s password, which in case it appears, another computer that has been connected or synchronized with the phone should be used. If none of these steps are available, go to the third recovery mode.
  3. After the connection is successful, wait for a few minutes until all data is synchronized to perform the required backup, with the need to make sure that the sync feature is activated by clicking on the applications and then activating the Sync option.
  4. Once the backup process is completed, click on Restore Iphone Or Ipad, after which the iPhone will be reset to factory settings and restarted again as if it was being used for the first time immediately after purchasing it, choosing the language and adjusting the rest of the settings.
  5. The stage of restoring the backup is reached either through iCloud or through iTunes, and in the case of pressing it, the most recent backup is selected after reviewing the date and selecting the phone to which the data is to be restored again.


The second method is to use iCloud and activate the Find My iPhone feature, which is used in order to format the iPhone without the need to use the computer through the official iCloud website via the Internet to recover data again.

  1. All you have to do is go to the official iCloud website via the Internet through the following link here , and then log in to the personal account using the Apple account.
  2. After completing the login, we go to the option All devices or All Devices, from which a list appears, from which we choose the phone that we want to format.
  3. Click on Erase in order to remove all the data of the phone in addition to the password, then the iPhone will be reset to factory settings and restarted to reset the settings again.

Features of PassFab iPhone Unlocker to unlock a locked iPhone

PassFab iPhone Unlocker has many features, most notably:

  • Capable of unlocking the iPhone lock code within a few minutes.
  • In the event that the iPhone is locked or disabled for any of the various reasons, it is used to unlock the screen lock code easily and conveniently.
  • It helps people to delete iPhone and iPad lock code without formatting.
  • It helps people to access their iOS device if it is lost.
  • Supports some features that help remove any type of lock screen.
  • Available with all iOS devices, it also supports screen lock with a face print.
  • The application can be obtained and tested for free with the possibility of obtaining a discount of up to 30% by using the code PF007B during purchase.
  • The program is very safe and does not violate any of the user’s privacy, and in the event that you are not satisfied with the application, the money can be refunded at any time.
  • The app supports unlocking different iPhone systems such as iOS 15.
  • It supports many languages of the world such as English, which it comes for the first time, in addition to the Arabic language as well.

We have finally come to the end of our article in which we covered the method by which you can use PassFab iPhone Unlocker to unlock the iPhone lock screen and enjoy all the benefits it offers in terms of solving problems related to various Apple devices