How to improve the quality of photos while maintaining their accuracy

Many of us have photos of happy memories but of poor quality. So we are always looking for how to improve the quality of images while maintaining their accuracy in different ways, Through photos taken from a mobile phone or any other smart device, You may be able to do this easily and in many different ways, Where there are several tools, dedicated programs or online sites to improve the quality of images , and they may be responsible for showing the image in a larger size, and its poor quality is hidden.

There are some sites and applications that make it easier for you to improve the quality of images while maintaining their accuracy and showing them more clearly and larger, Among these sites are:

  • Let’s Enhance.
  • Snapseed app.
  • Deep Image website.
  • Perfectly clear application.
  • Image Upscaler website.
  • IMG Online mite.

Together we learn about each website and app and how to use it to get the best image quality at a large size.

Let’s Enhance

Through this site, you can do some important commands to improve the quality of images, namely:

  • It enables you to transform the image into a distinct and clear image without losing its quality.
  • Get high quality with fully automated image processing.
  • Easily improve image quality.
  • Enlargement of the image size using specific techniques of convolutional neural networks.
  • Pixel quality increases by 16x the base size.
  • Beautify and enhance colors.
  • In terms of free use, the maximum size of the images to be uploaded is set at about 15 MB, And set a maximum image resolution of 15 megapixels.
  • Users who have subscribed to the site have no limits on the size of the images you upload, However, a maximum image resolution will be specified which may be 30 megapixels.

How to use Let’s Enhance

Through simple steps, you can improve the quality of the image through this program:

  • Drag the image whose resolution and quality you want to improve to the site.
  • Click on the upload photos button and then register with a free account on the site.
  • While uploading the image, the site will start processing the image resolution. The duration of image adjustment depends on its size, quality and accuracy with which it will be processed.

Snapseed website

This site gives you image optimization in high resolution, It contains a lot of features that help you in your needs to improve the quality of images, Snapseed is very easy to use so that you can edit photos in a clear and professional way. And that is after you download the application for it or through the site itself.

How to use Snaspeed

After downloading the Snaspeed application from the online store, Follow the following:

  • Start by choosing the image whose quality you want to adjust.
  • Click on Tools and it will show you a set of some tools that you use to modify the image and its quality.
  • We show you that the most important tool is the HDR Scape tool, Choose it directly.
  • Then you will be presented with many better options than the previous ones, Click on it with the check mark.
  • You may be able to use various tools found in this application in order to reach the most accurate image and the best quality.
  • You can use Tonal Contrast, Details, White balance.
  • After you have finished editing the images, start saving them by clicking on Export and then clicking on Save as to be saved to your mobile phone.

Deep image

Deep Image is one of the sites that help you edit photos and improve their quality. and get high accuracy, Jpg and Png allow you to expand files up to 4x and also automatically reduce defects if any exist. In a very fast way, it may take only 2 to 4 seconds, This depends on the size of the original image.

And when you use the application without registration, you will only be able to use the old algorithm, It is set at 5 photos per month. But if you complete the registration process using a free account, Then you will be able to increase your monthly quota, and it may be 100 photos per month.

Perfectly clear

perfectly clear site that helps you edit photos, improve their quality, and correct any photo taken with poor quality, The site is characterized by its speed and ease of use. You also easily learn how to improve the quality of your photos while maintaining their accuracy.

Image Upscaler website

Image Upscaler is similar to many of the apps and websites that we listed in the previous paragraphs, It improves image quality up to 4 times, It rebuilds the image again and increases its size and accuracy with the same quality, It also allows you to modify the image by eliminating distortions, spots, and low quality in the image.

Image Upscaler works with Jpg and Png files and can multiply the resolution up to 4 times. It supports files of up to 5 megabytes in size.

IMG Online Mite

IMG Online Mite improves the quality and accuracy of images and maintains their quality in seconds, all for free. Its utility may support BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNH, TIFF.

You may be able to enlarge the image size by using one of the algorithms we have mentioned, The site allows you to customize and choose the size of the optimization, It also allows you to enlarge the size of images as large as 1 megapixel on computers or phones, You will only select 2x, 4x, 8x and 16x, Then we click on OK, which is at the bottom of the page. wait a second, Then the result is downloaded.

Here, we have explained to you how to improve the quality of the images while maintaining their accuracy through the sites that we mentioned in the previous paragraphs.