Top 10 Subtitled Science Fiction Movies

Subtitled science fiction films are one of the films that the audience is attracted to because they are full of excitement and interesting events to the point where it is difficult to predict their end. So, in this article, we will present to you the 10 best translated science fiction films, It is worth noting that Hollywood film makers have excelled in the production of these films due to the great technological and scientific development that made them the most watched and accepted films.

Top 10 Subtitled Science Fiction Movies

The United States of America has been able to develop its artistic works very dramatically, as cinema income is one of the most important sources of income for the country. Hollywood has produced the top 10 translated science fiction films at the cinematic level in various countries of the world. These films are:

  1. The Wanting Mare movie.
  2. The invisible man movie
  3. Sputnik movie.
  4. Possessor movie.
  5. Tenet movie.
  6. The Wandering Earth movie.
  7. Anyara movie.
  8. Spider Man Far From Home movie.
  9. Alita Battel Angle movie.
  10. Ad Astra movie.

The Wanting Mare movie

The Wanting mare is one of the weirdest science fiction movies made in 2020. The movie stars Ashley Knott. Edmond Covey, Yasmine Kashtakar, written and directed by Nicholas Ash Bateman. And what makes you most strange about this movie is that all of its scenes were filmed in a New Jersey warehouse, It relied entirely on optical illusion effects and modern technologies.

The events and story of the film revolve around two cities, namely “Ethern, the hot city, “Levitn Ice City” and they are supposed to be twins in the future, but what separates them now is just a water bridge, This bridge is crossed once a year to transport horses from the north to the south. Those in the Whitern wish to move to Leviton and vice versa with the residents of Leviton, and a love affair will develop between a man of one town and a woman of the other town, From here, the events begin.

The invisible man movie

The invisible man is one of the top 10 translated science fiction films produced recently in the year 2020, as it was able to achieve a high percentage of profits and is in the sense of the invisible man an extension of the old Invisible Man movie series that appeared in the thirties and is adapted from the novel of the same name, It is a horror and science fiction movie starring Elizabeth Moth. Aldis Hodge, Storm Red, Michael Dorman, Oliver Jackson Cohen, Harriet Dyer, written and directed by Lee Wannell, and the film is an American-Australian industry. The events of the film and its story revolve around the suicide of a wealthy young man, leaving behind a huge legacy for his girlfriend, which raised suspicions about her. After many events, it turns out that he hid himself through technical means, and the events take place from here.

Sputnik movie

Sputnik is a Russian science fiction and horror movie directed by Igor Iramenko. The film revolves around the failure of a spacecraft for a group of astronauts before they return to Earth, causing the death of one of them, After the doctor’s examination of him, it becomes clear that he has returned part of his life on earth to his body, and everyone begins to be surprised, and from here the events of the film continue and escalate, The movie stars Oksana Akishinya. Fyodor Bondarchuk, Pyotr Fyodorov”.

Possessor movie

Possessor is a psychological science fiction horror film starring Andrea Reisburg. Christopher Abbott, Jennifer Leeson Lee, Tobins Middleton, directed by Brandon Krontberg, and the film revolves around the work of the heroine of the film in a secret organization that works to implant the brain in human bodies to use them in committing many crimes without leaving any evidence behind them, but the image turns on him so that her brain is transplanted into another body The events of the film begin from here.

Tenet movie

Tenet is a science fiction and thriller film, a joint venture between the United States and the United Kingdom. The film stars John David Washington. Elizabeth Dibeke, Robert Patterson, Kenneth Branagh, directed by Christopher Nolan. The events of the film revolve around the recruitment of a secret agent to follow a secret organization and intelligence agencies that seem to move through time until it is discovered that they are planning to destroy the world, past for them and present for the citizens of the city.

The Wandering Earth movie

The movie The Wandering Earth is one of the most famous science fiction films produced in China. It was produced in 2019 AD. The events and story of the film revolve around the story of a distant future in which it becomes clear that the sun has turned into a huge being that is about to devour everything on the planet. Earth and the inhabitants of the Earth began to ally and cooperate in order to save humanity, and from here the events of the film escalate, It is a movie full of excitement and suspense.

Anyara . movie

The events and story of the movie Aniara revolve around predicting the future and what is related to artificial intelligence. Either the human element will obtain immortality in the world, or it will be extinct, The film is produced by Russians, and Russian heroes participated in it, and it was produced in 2019 and was able to achieve success and very high viewing rates.

Spider-Man Far From Home

The movie Spider Man Far From Home or Spider-Man is one of the most successful American films that have been able to gain success and audiences in various countries of the world. The movie was produced in 2019. The events and story of the film revolve around an evil man with supernatural powers who makes other evil creatures attack people and the earth, and then he begins to rescue people from their hands, and all this in order to bear the title of their savior. The 3D technology plays a large and important role in the film.

Alita Battel Angle movie

Alita Battel Angle movie is a science fiction movie full of exciting events, it is interested in electronic biology, which is based on the study of the functions of living creatures in the design and manufacture of electronic devices, A division began to occur between people and some of them were distinguished from the other until the events and the story began to escalate.

Ad Astra . movie

Ad Astra is one of the most famous science fiction films in the United States of America and was produced in 2019. His story revolves around some astronauts making a trip to the moon and planets around the sun to search for a planet suitable for humans to live in instead of the planet Earth, and they entered the planet Neptune, who were surprised by many things inside it. this point.

And here we conclude with you this article in which we talked about the 10 best translated science fiction films, We also showed you a brief summary of each movie on the list, as well as the names of the heroes who appeared in it.