Download photo and video merging program for computer

Many people need an image and video merging program for the computer in order to produce distinct videos that can be used for different purposes. So, in this article, we offer you the best program for this.

GiliSoft Free Slideshow Maker

GiliSoft Free Slideshow Maker is one of the most important free programs that can be downloaded on computers for the purpose of combining images with video, With the ability to add sound effects and explanatory speech, In addition to adding a large number of different videos, In addition to the pictures, In order to produce a high quality video.

This program enables you to merge images with video in the least possible time and effort, As the program is characterized by a simple to use interface that enables the user to do the process of merging images with video very easily, You find the program suitable for beginners who do not have experience in the field of design and installation of images on songs to make a video for the computer.

Program uses

The program provides users with a large number of add-ons, that helps add touches to images as they play in user-generated videos.

GiliSoft Free Slideshow Maker also features the ability to add several images to the program at the same time. And put a large number of audio and video clips with pictures, In order to create a high quality video, simple and easy, Where the program provides all the required things, In order to create a good video on your computer.

The program provides the ability to voice over the videos, Where the user can do the audio recording process through the computer directly, Then do the installation of audio on the video and photos.

The program creates a slide show consisting of the images that the user has, The program is also compatible with all types of images, videos, and audio files. To enable the user to create a slideshow consisting of photos and videos, Inside one great video.

The program interface is simple and offers separate parts for pictures, effects and music. In order to add it to the slide show, The user can preview during any second of the slide show period.

After preparing the slide show, User can export slide show, in various video formats, like MP4, and many other forms, The program also allows you to put videos on a slide show.

The program allows you to control the transition effects, In addition to the schedule for viewing images in the program, The program also allows you to use transition effects with images, Add background sounds during the slide show.

Features of GiliSoft Free Slideshow Maker

– Works with all Windows systems.

The program is small in size. It does not consume device resources.

– Supports all audio and image formats.

Convert photos into a high quality video.

– Features a lot of transition effects, Either 2D or 3D.

– Create videos from photo albums.

It features a wide range of effects and filters.

Play videos on all devices.

It is characterized by adding audio to the video through the external microphone of the computer.

– You can share videos directly on social networking sites, Like YouTube and Facebook.

How to use the program to combine images with video

Download the program through this link

Then click on Free Download to start the download process immediately.

– click on the download file, Then click Next in all windows, then install, And wait for the program to be installed.

– The main interface of the program will appear to you, To start the process of merging the video and images, By clicking on Add Photos/Videos, you can add the video and photos that you want to combine or edit.

– Choose your video and photo, that you want to combine them into one video.

– You can add text for each photo and video as you wish, By clicking on Add Text below each photo and video.

Click on Export and then click on Start to start the merging process.

– upon completion, A message will appear stating that the merge was successful.

To move to the new section, Click on Open output, and within a few seconds you will be taken to the location where the clip is saved on the device.

– You can add sound effects to the video clip, By clicking on Music.

– You can make a full video of photos with the same previous steps, but without adding a video, where you can write on each image individually, Then you can group all the photos into one clip.

Finally, You can now download the program to combine images with video for the computer, To get featured videos in easy and simple steps.