Best Free PC Assembly Site

Many people are confused when they collect computer parts and all its belongings to buy them. Since there are many types of computer parts that have different capabilities and prices, So, through this article, we help you choose the right computer for your capabilities and uses. Through a site that provides free services for this matter.

PCpartpicker website

Note that there are major parts in any computer, You should buy it very good quality, such as a motherboard or graphics card, The important parts on which your use mainly depends, You should choose them carefully, which helps you in PCpartpicker, which offers you a lot of services that we show in the following lines:

Detail information about computer parts

The System Build service enables you to assemble a computer according to your desire and use, Where you can assemble a computer and choose from all available types from every part of the computer, Such as the graphics card, processors, internal memory, motherboard and other parts.

To enjoy this service, You have to visit the site through this link .

Click on System Build to see a list of everything related to assembling computers. If you click on the name of any part of the computer, Then press Choose The page will take you to a list of many types of this part that can be chosen, With a mention of everything related to its capabilities, evaluation and price.

After choosing the right type, Click on Add to add it to the first page. It will return to the previous page automatically, To choose the rest of the computer components.

You can repeat the previous steps for all parts of the computer, So that you can get a suitable computer for you, You will get its price at the bottom of the page in front of the Total option.

Beginner’s help

The Completed Builds service offered by PCpartpicker is one of the most important services for novice users, Where many people do not know which types are suitable for him at the right price, He cannot use a computer assembly site as well as a professional.

Completed Builds service helps you to view a lot of devices, compiled by some professionals who have used the site before, Since you will find a large number of computers assembled, You can watch it and then gain experience assembling your device.

Information and tips

The Build Guides service allows you to get a lot of information and tips, Before you start assembling a computer, Where the site displays a distinctive collection of ready-made desktop computers, From budget assemblies to ultra-high specs, You can view all opinions and comments of visitors and registered users of the site.

The service offers advice on computers according to interests, You will find suitable groups of computers according to the purposes of use, whether electronic games or designs and engineering works, And other devices that you can buy directly without the need to assemble a device from the beginning.

You can also make modifications in the ready-made assembly that you have chosen, And if you want more customization, This ensures complete compatibility of all the computer parts you have assembled.

Compatibility of computer parts

PCpartpicker also features a Compatibility Filter, which ensures that you choose pieces that are perfectly compatible with each other, According to whatever you have selected in your collection via the site.

There is another section of the site called Browse Products which is dedicated to shopping, Where it is similar to a directory or index that includes all the products that the user can obtain through the site, It includes in addition to the basic computer parts, as well as displays and accessories, microcomponents of the device, Plus a full suite of software that includes all uses.

The site offers offers and discounts on some parts, Price Drops, Through a periodically updated list, Along with a guide to the price movement of the most prominent pieces, Price Trends, It also includes a special discussion forum where users can ask related questions. In addition to a Blog with news and articles about the site’s activities and the hardware components it offers.

Here is the conclusion of this article. We have provided you with the best computer assembly site, Which provides you with many options for computer parts with different types of capabilities and different prices, It also allows you to sum up the experience of professional users in assembling a computer, To help you choose the right device for you.