The best live streaming sites for encrypted European channels

There are a lot of European channels that show the latest movies, series and programs and also enable you to watch football matches live , but these channels are encrypted, so you can only watch them in several ways, the most important of which are the live broadcasting sites for encrypted European channels, which we will present to you the best of them through this article .

How to watch live broadcasts of encrypted European channels

There are many technologies that work on displaying European channels through the Internet, Among the most important of these technologies, IPTV technology, It is an acronym for Internet Protocol Television. It provides a free service to view TV channels on the Internet, By using IP to change device identity, Show all channels.

IPTV system uses Internet networks, In order to access satellite channels, Inverting a television system that connects to satellites through an “antenna” that is installed on the top of the house to pick up the signal and then show you the channels.

Therefore, IPTV is one of the great options for watching encrypted European channels. Without the need to install an antenna at home to view channels, or affected by weather conditions that may adversely affect the image quality on the screen, You can watch encrypted European channels in high quality without interruption, And you can watch those channels an unlimited number.

Most IPTV websites are geo-restricted, Meaning that it can only be seen in certain countries. So if you want to watch it from anywhere outside of those countries, You will need a secure VPN connection whether free like Opera or VPNHub, Or a paid one like IPVanish or NordVPN.

We offer you the best free sites that offer live broadcasts of encrypted European channels, Which VPN connection is used to be able to watch:

4 sites that provide a live broadcast of European encrypted channels


One of the most important sites available to users in Germany and Sweden, So you have to use a VPN to be able to watch the encrypted European channels that are included in the site, The site contains nearly 200 channels from countries such as France, Germany, Spain, Ireland and Portugal, as well as American and Turkish channels.

The 200 channels are free to watch, In addition, there are another 70 HD channels that can be viewed with a paid subscription of 10 euros per month.

You can access the site from here

TV player

The site offers more than 40 European channels, and the free version of this site offers “BBC One, BBC Two ITV, Dave, More4, CBBC, BBC News, Food Network, Fashion TV, Travel Channel”.

There is a paid version of the tv player at $9.99 per month that allows channels such as ITV 2, Comedy Central, Eurosport, The History Channel and National Geographic.

You can enter the site to watch the best European channels from here .

BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer includes a large number of British channels of high quality, These channels broadcast a bunch of great movies and series. In addition to a live broadcast of sports, It also broadcasts comedy content, children’s content, cooking programs, historical content, art, music, entertainment, science and nature content. In addition to the news channels.

You can enjoy this variety of British channels by entering this link .


This site is not available for all countries. So you must use a vpn with him. It allows many channels such as “Sky News, Bloomberg, RT and FOX Sport News”.

You can access the site through this link

MobiQui9 . website

MobiQui9 is one of the best websites and electronic platforms dedicated to broadcasting and displaying European international channels that have been encrypted from TVs. This site has many advantages that made it one of the most used and popular websites by Internet users, among the most prominent advantages and advantages:

  • The site provides a very high degree of quality and accuracy in the image and sufficient clarity in the sound.
  • The site offers all its services completely free of charge and without any material fees.
  • The site displays thousands of encrypted satellite channels in Europe and the Arab world.
  • This site does not require you to download any electronic application in order to use it.

How to use MobiQui9

After entering the MobiQui9 website to watch encrypted European satellite channels through the link at the end of this paragraph, you will immediately find a page filled with thousands of satellite channels. And the link to the MobiQui9 website, you can access it from here .


USTV Now is one of the famous websites in the field of displaying encrypted European and Arabic channels, and it is worth noting that it is not a modern site, but it is one of the most famous old sites. Among them are:

  • The site is distinguished by providing the encrypted channels that the viewer needs, whether Arab or European, specifically American.
  • The site is distinguished by presenting all its channels with a distinct degree of clarity and high quality.
  • The site provides the feature of recording and submitting upcoming offers.
  • The site is designed in a very elegant and simple way for ease of use.

How to use USTV Now

There is more than one option that you can use the USTV Now website with, or it is completely free, noting that some channels are not available in this system, Or use the paid system through which you can watch all channels without imposing any conditions on the viewer, USTV Now website link. You can access it from here .

And here is the conclusion of this article. We have provided you with a list of the best live streaming sites for European encrypted channels. To enjoy for free watching the best series, movies and programs, on your phone or computer, through the use of the Internet.