Best free open source Arabic accounting software

If you are looking for a free open source Arabic accounting software, To do your accounts for your small or large company or shop, and manage your finances well, In this article, we will provide you with the best free and open source Arabic accounting software, With it, you can manage your financial activity professionally.

program manager

It is a free accounting program for life and is not limited to a certain period, There are no locked features in manager that can only be used with payment.

Manager is one of the best Arabic accounting programs that includes many accounting tools necessary for the work of accountants. It includes many sections related to many financial matters. So you can rely on it to manage your business, whatever its size.

The program includes the following sections: Profit and loss statement- currency exchange rates- purchase invoices- sales invoices- accounts payable- suppliers- expense claims- purchase orders- accrual basis- financial statements- receivable and exchange bonds- accounts receivable- customers- customer receivable- accounts receivable- suppliers receivable Creditors – Accounts of creditors.

The accounting manager program also includes the sections “fixed assets – periodic accounting entries – default templates – periodic pay slips – general ledger – accrual basis – periodic purchase invoices – goods receipt vouchers – import bank statement – cash basis – sales orders – cost of sales – Periodic sales invoices – tree of accounts – transfers between cash accounts – credit notes – intangible assets.

This comes in addition to the sections “Quotes- Inventory Items- List of Changes in Equity- Suppliers- Currency Exchange Profits and Loss- Special Accounts- Inventory Items Grouping- Customers- Customer Account Statement- Tax Code- Inventory Locations- Custom Fields- Inventory Write-off- Supplier account statements – Email forms – Accounting entries – Receivable notices – Pay slips – Charges for late payments – Cost centers – Delivery vouchers – Non-stock items – Production orders – Early payment discounts – Personnel – Trial balance – Withheld tax.

How to download manager

You can download the manager program through this link

Enter the program by clicking on it twice in a row, until you start installing the program.

Three copies will appear. Since each version is specific to a particular operating system, Linux version, and a Mac version, And another version for Windows.

– Choose the version compatible with the operating system, that you are using on your device.

– Download the version of your choice, This process is done quickly.

Go to the version to install it.

– Click on the Next option, Then keep clicking again.

– You will be presented with the option to install, Click on it.

– The program will begin to install on your device.

After the installation process is completed, Log in to the manager program.

– You will find several options, Change the language and convert it to Arabic.

– You can now click on the “Add Business” option, And then start creating your project on the program.

– You will find many other options, project management method, that you can use, And choose the sections you want.

Thus, we have introduced you in this article, The best free open source Arabic accounting software, Since the manager software is free for life, And you can rely on it to manage your financial transactions professionally, Whether it is for a small or large business… You can now easily download and use the program.