Download the program to open images for the computer in all formats

We all have a lot of pictures on our computers, We need an easy and convenient program to open images in all formats. So that we can view our albums, which may contain hundreds of photos, easily, simply and without any problems.

So we review together during this article the most powerful program to open images for the computer in all formats, And all the details of its features and how to use it.

Apowersoft Photo Viewer

Apowersoft Photo Viewer is one of the best programs for viewing photos on a computer in all formats easily and efficiently.

The program is free and easy to use as it can be downloaded and used easily. Its size is very small at 10.4 megabytes, The program does not consume a lot of resources and efficiency of the device.

Apowersoft Photo Viewer is suitable for both novice and professional users. It makes you without the need to install another program to modify and edit photos.

Apowersoft Photo Viewer is compatible with all Windows operating systems.

Features of Apowersoft Photo Viewer

– Through the program you can enlarge and reduce the image, High quality and super fast.

– Displays images in very high definition on a computer, It also takes care of the image loading speed.

The program allows you to edit more than one image at the same time.

– What makes it stand out from other image viewing software, It is not dependent on the computer’s processor speed.

Allows full portrait images to be displayed on the computer screen.

– Supports all image formats, In addition to pdf and psd, and other formulas.

– The program allows cutting parts of the image, Rotate the image in all angles and directions.

– The program enables you to add text and write on images, As well as adding attractive effects to photos.

– easy smooth transition from one image to another, With a thumbnail display bar showing all the images inside the opened file.

– Pictures can be added to the program’s favorites list.

– You can view the images in full screen via the program, and then back to normal again, And that by one click.

– The program allows you to make explanations on the images, By adding captions, arrows, squares and circles.

– The program allows you to quickly take a screenshot, in the sizes you want, You can also edit them at the same time.

– Allows you to delete photos from your device directly from within the program.

– The program allows the ability to share images on social media platforms and various websites.

– Image link can be copied and shared with friends via any platform, Including email.

How to download Apowersoft Photo Viewer

– Download the program through this link .

After the download is finished, Open the program’s installation file.

– An interface will appear, from which to choose the Arabic language.

– A new interface will pop up, To start the installation of the program on your computer system.

Agree to the program’s privacy terms.

– An interface will appear with a message requesting to choose where to install the program files, And you can change the location according to the empty disk space.

– Click on the Install button.

After completing the installation of the program, The image display interface will appear.

How to use Apowersoft Photo Viewer

Click on the open button in the first program interface.

– Select images from the given path, or device discs.

Click on the Edit Photo button.

– You can take a picture of the screen.

Thus, we have presented you, in this article, the best program for viewing images on the computer in all formats, We have highlighted to you its many advantages that make it one of the most powerful image display programs on Windows devices. We explained to you how to download it in easy and simple steps, To be able to view your photos at super fast speed on your computer.