How to repair damaged photos after recovering them

Sometimes we encounter the problem of damaged images, Those photos that we delete from the device and then retrieve again, Where parts of those images may be lost or changed, This is due to several reasons, including exposure to viruses or other reasons, Therefore, we will review together during this article the reasons why photos are damaged and how to repair damaged photos after retrieval.

Causes of damaged photos

Storage space: If you copy or move images from one hard disk to another with space problems, Parts of these images may be damaged. Especially if the images are compressed. Which increases the possibility of damage.

Hard disk damage: If a part of the hard disk is damaged, it is called a Bad Sector. This may lead to image corruption, depending on the percentage of hard disk corruption. If the case of the casting disk is completely damaged, The photos are completely lost. If some parts of the photos are damaged, they can be repaired after retrieval. through several programs.

Viruses: It is the most common cause of image damage. Whereas, if a virus is detected in a file from a specific folder, Antivirus software deletes suspicious files. In this case, the entire folder is corrupted. This causes the computer to not be able to play that folder which might contain the pictures you want.

There are many programs that repair damaged photos after recovering them. We will review some of them in the following lines:

repair toolbox program

There are 22 tools in this program. Each one has a specific file type. There is a tool for PDF files, another for Photoshop files, another for images, and other types of files.

And all of those tools work the same way, It also features the same interface that appears to the user, It can be used in a simple way that is suitable for all users.

repair toolbox is free, It allows the user to backup and import, One of its most important features is that it supports all file formats. This makes it one of the best photo recovery software for damaged photos.

You can download the program through this link


ZAR X is one of the best programs that can be used to repair damaged photos after recovering them. It is easy to use.

The program can also recover lost photos from a memory card, flash drive, or any storage device. The program can also recover deleted partitions from a computer hard drive. Besides, it restores the RAW file system on the flash drive, It can be used for many different tasks.

This program can be downloaded through the following link

hetman file repair program

hetman file repair program, One of the best programs for repairing damaged photos. This program is characterized by its ability to repair images that the user cannot open due to any damage to them, The program can work on all image formats without affecting their original quality.

The program is characterized by its simple interface that makes the user work comfortably when repairing damaged images after retrieval, The program is also small in size and does not require the availability of high capabilities in the device used, Where the program works efficiently with all Windows systems, The program works on the most popular image formats such as JPG, JPG, TIFF and Bmp.

This software offers free image checking services, and detect damage However, to get the image after it is fixed, you have to pay an amount of $20, So using this software to repair damaged photos depends on the importance of those photos to you.

You can download this program through the following link

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, One of the most powerful programs that repair damaged images, as well as all types and formats of files, whether videos, text files, and others. which has been deleted or damaged.

The program works with all Windows systems. It is easy to use and can be downloaded from this link

Here, at the end of this article, we have provided you with the reasons for image corruption, whether due to storage space, viruses or the hard drive, Now you can put your hand on the cause and work on solving the problem to avoid damage to the photos, And if your photos have already been damaged, you can use any of the programs we mentioned during the previous lines to work on repairing the damaged photos after retrieval.