How to create a free online store

If you are starting a business, Or you want to expand your field, Creating a free online store is an ideal option for you, To work on displaying your products through it, thus increasing your sales and profits.

and online store, It is a website, but be specialized in displaying and selling products, The electronic product has a custom design or interface, Its function is to display the products and all the information and specifications of each product that is displayed, The customer can complete the purchase process through the online store.

Advantages of the online store

– through which you can sell tangible or intangible products, It is also possible to sell services.

– Makes the sales process to be done automatically without the intervention of the store owner.

– Provide a comprehensive offer to the customer that includes all product specifications, The show includes images, text, and sometimes videos. In addition to the product price and other information.

– The online store allows, Online payment process.

– Connecting with shipping companies, that delivers products to customers.

– Allows the customer to follow the process of delivering the product, In addition to communicating with customer service.

– Provide information regarding store policies, such as the refund and exchange policy, In addition to the accepted payment methods.

An online store can be created through a number of platforms, WooCommerce is the best platform. Which enables you to turn your WordPress website into a free online store, In this article, we will show you how to create a free online store with WooCommerce.

WooCommerce platform features

WooCommerce is the most famous platform in the world in the field of creating electronic stores, As most of the stores are created through this platform.

– Free open source add-on, It is the cheapest way to create an online store.

The WooCommerce extension enables you to create your online store in minutes.

– easy to use, And each part is customizable in the store.

Offers a lot of templates and designs that can be used on your store.

WooCommerce is one of the best online store creation platforms. Which supports the Arabic language.

You can add an unlimited number of your products on the WooCommerce platform.

– compatible with search engines, It helps to speed up google archiving.

– Can be combined with Google Tools, Like Google Adsense and Google Analytics.

The platform supports dozens of payment methods such as PayPal and other means.

– The platform allows the possibility of creating a blog in the store, What is useful in the process of marketing through content, Post the latest news and offers for your products.

How to create a free online store

– The first step is to reserve the domain address or what is known as the electronic domain name for your store, As each online store has a domain address that distinguishes it from other online stores, You can get a free professional domain for a year. Via HostGator, When you subscribe to the hosting service, Make sure to choose an easy and short domain name that indicates the specialization of your online store.

Get hosting that enables you to make your online store available to customers on the web.

– install wordpress Then install the WooCommerce extension on it, and adjust its settings, By entering basic information about your store.

– Choose the template you prefer to display your products on, And be sure to use a professional template that is easy to use.

– After you have done these steps, you will have finished creating your own free online store, Through it, you can display your products on it, whether tangible or intangible products, digital products or services, And then sell it through the store.

To the end of this article, We have given you the best way to create a free online store, So that you can display your products on the Internet and increase your sales and profits through the free WooCommerce platform, If you have a business, do not hesitate to create an online store to increase the number of your customers and the percentage of your sales.