Snapchat Account Verification Terms

Snapchat is a fun messaging app, It has nearly 500 million users. It is used to share photos and videos. What distinguishes Snapchat and is a strong point for it is that it can display the image or video “Story” for a short period of up to ten seconds before it disappears permanently.

The shot does not stay permanently. As the application hides it automatically after a while, However, the user can take a screenshot to save what he has sent.

Snapchat also features a large number of filters, which helps to attract more audience, It allows consumers to try on a variety of clothes, cosmetics and accessories through a digital simulation by smartphones.

As a result of its many advantages, you may want to verify your Snapchat account. So, in this article, we offer you a simple way to do that.

Verifying a Snapchat account means that it is original and not a fake or thief account. Which greatly benefits celebrities, companies and brand owners, In confirming their identity and then getting more interaction on their verified accounts.

And like all social media, Snapchat uses a gold badge to verify the account, But the documentation is unlike other social networking sites that use artificial intelligence, As the badge granted by the Snapchat account indicates that the account is manually verified by the Snapchat team after ensuring that the conditions apply to the account holder.

Snapchat Account Verification Terms

verify snapchat account, It is a free service, but several conditions must be met by the account holder to be able to use it, Those conditions are as follows:

– having more than 50 thousand views, on snapchat stories, Because it is difficult to verify small or non-popular Snapchat accounts.

– Avoid using the account to post any inappropriate stories or content, or incitement to the rhetoric of terrorism and hatred, Because this will hinder the process of verifying the account.

Availability of a large number of followers on the platform.

– create snapchat effects, And that through Snapchat lens studio.

– maintain the company’s laws and rules when posting on the platform, Because otherwise it will be a hindrance to the account verification process.

– Increase interaction with the audience.

– the success of the company or brand, of the account holder.

– Use your real name and other data correctly, without cheating or manipulation, As it is easy to detect that the account is fake.

– Do not try to imitate trademarks, or famous names, or use their names.

– Your official mobile number must be used in the account verification process.

– A real email must be used to verify the account, Preferably, this email is linked to your official website. or your company’s website.

For corporate Snapchat accounts, The account holder must present to the Snapchat management team, Certain trademark licensing documents and other documents that prove corporate identity verification.

How to verify a snapchat account

– head to the app, Or the official website of Snapchat.

Select the Technical Support section.

– Select I have feedback.

– Choose My or My Friend’s Story.

– Choose My Story, A communication box will appear.

– Type your username in the box, and your email.

Also write a letter in English including the request for documentation, and make sure that the letter is professional and free of spelling errors.

– Explain the reason for verifying the account, Whether because you are a celebrity, influencer, brand, or other reasons.

– Remember to include in the letter an indication that you are willing to send any necessary data or documents to them, To complete the Snapchat account verification process.

– You will receive a reply regarding approval of account verification via your e-mail, Then you can proceed with the process of verifying your account.

If all of the conditions for verifying your Snapchat account apply to you, However, the response to your request was delayed. You can contact the Snapchat team through the following link .

Thus, by the end of this article, we have provided you with the conditions for authenticating a Snapchat account and the method of documenting it in simple steps, To be able to easily verify your account for free, And then increase the interaction on your account.