How to solve image corruption problem on Android

Many people face the problem of corrupt photos on their Android phones. These pictures may be of great importance to them. Whether these photos represent a personal memory or an important occasion for them, or work related photos, or other reasons why they may want to restore or improve those images, So, in this article, we present a way to solve the problem of photo corruption in phones with the Android operating system.

Recently, artificial intelligence technologies have proliferated. which is used to repair and restore damaged image, And also in improving any images and showing them as desired by the user, and this technology has succeeded in restoring damaged or old images of poor quality, to its original quality.

So, in this article, we offer you an application that was released to suit Android phones, Where it can repair and restore damaged photos, and return it to its original condition with high quality.

Remini – photo enhancer

Remini – photo enhancer app, It is for Android and iPhone phones. It solves the problem of damaged images and converts them to images of high quality and accuracy, as it relies on artificial intelligence algorithms, The application uses it to determine colors and shapes with high accuracy, great consistency and wonderful, And Remini – photo enhancer can also restore videos.

The Remini app has a simple and easy to use interface. It allows users to modify and enhance old photos, In order to get more details or adjust the colors in the pictures, Where the application relies on artificial intelligence techniques, In order to bring in image enhancement techniques, At the level of professional film production.

It is reported that since the launch of the Remini application at the beginning of 2019, It was used to improve tens of millions of images that were low-resolution, blurry, compressed, and damaged. The app fixes old, blurry or low quality photos. Taken with old cameras or low-end camera cell phones, It improves the quality of those images to high quality.

How to fix damaged photos on Android

The steps to use the Remini app are easy and simple, In order to repair a damaged image, All you have to do is open the app, Then click on the enhance option. And then choose the picture you want from the pictures on the phone, You can also take a picture with the camera of the old picture that you want to refresh or modify, So you can repair the damaged photo in just a few seconds.

Users can also edit videos, or old videos and improve them, With the Video Enhance option.

You can download the Remini – photo enhancer app for Android phones through this link

Here we have come to the end of this article. We have provided you with a way to solve the problem of image corruption in Android, You can now download the Remini – photo enhancer app on your phone so that you can restore and even improve the quality of your damaged photos in just a few seconds.