Run Android programs on your computer without programs

If you are looking for a way to run Android programs on your computer, To take advantage of the large screen size, whether in games or other applications, You can do this without having to download software to your device.

It is characterized by running Android programs on the computer without programs, ability to avoid many problems, The first is that programs may take up a lot of space on your device, It may also require high capabilities of your computer, which is sometimes not possible, Also, running Android programs on the computer without programs will maintain the speed of the device.

And Android programs are run on the computer without programs, Through specialized websites in this regard, We review them together in this article:

ApkOnline website

ApkOnline is one of the most important sites specialized in running Android programs and applications on computers. But, of course, an internet connection is required. Where the operation takes place online.

ApkOnline is basically an Android game design site. where it is used by programmers, in programming and application design, As programmers use ApkOnline to try out Android apps, Before being offered for sale or offered on the Google Play Store, Which makes this site professional to run Android programs on your computer.

As soon as you enter the site, You will notice that it offers a range of applications for Android devices, It also provides you with the ability to access and try those applications.

Features of ApkOnline

– The site offers the ability to run an Android emulator, And that via any Internet browser.

– You can try out Android apps before downloading them to your phone.

– It enables you to try an application from outside the Google Play Store, By uploading it in apk format and then you can download it.

– You can try your own application if you are working in the field of programming, And that’s before uploading it to the store.

– The site includes many applications and games that you can enjoy.

– The site is free and you do not need to pay any money to take advantage of any feature on it.

How to use ApkOnline

In order to be able to run Android programs on your computer using the ApkOnline website, You have to follow these steps:

– Access the site from any Internet browser, Via the following link

The options will appear at the top. Choose Apps.

– You will see a set of different categories of applications, choose what you want, Whether it’s news, designs or social media, Choose the type of applications you want, For example, social networking applications include Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Snapchat and other applications.

– Choose the application you want to run.

– Click on the RUN ONLINE icon, In order to access the application, And then run it on the site.

– You will be taken to a new window, It will ask you to press start, In order to run the Android application.

– Wait a few seconds. Until the application that you have chosen to run on the site is opened.

After opening the application, Clicking on the Enter icon.

– The application you want will be prepared, So you can use it on your computer screen, The application will be used in the same way as on the phone. But the difference is that you benefit from a large computer screen instead of a phone screen.

Note that if you want to play any app or games from those on ApkOnline, All you have to do is choose the game you want or choose the application you want to play from the list of application categories in the interface of the site, And then follow the above-mentioned steps.

appetize site

Appetize is another website that you can use to run Android apps and games on your computer. in a professional manner and without using emulators, It also enables you to upload Android applications on the site through external links.

How to use appetize

In order to be able to run Android programs on your computer using the appetize website, You have to follow these steps:

– Enter the site from any Internet browser through this link

Choose Upload from the top of the screen.

– If you want to upload an application from the phone for the purpose of using it on the computer, A new menu will appear, Choose from it Select file, Then go to the phone connected to the computer, and select the app or game you want to play, Then upload it to the site.

– After uploading the application via the APK file, You have to go to the bottom of the screen and enter your email in order to continue the process, Then click on Generate.

– Now you will be able to access the application you want, And then you can play it on your computer screen through the site.

Here is the conclusion of this article. We have shown you how to run Android programs on your computer. Without the need to use programs that take up space on your computer or cause your device to slow down, Now you can choose appetize or ApkOnline to do this task in simple and easy steps.