Players who play fortnite… how many are there?

How many players play fortnite? It is one of the most controversial questions. Which varies from time to time on the minds of many.

Since it is really difficult to determine a real number, the number of these players.

We find that recently, during the concert of “Ariana Grand”, A million people had followed him at his peak.

If that’s just how many people have seen Ariana, Which gives the impression that people who play Fortnite are much larger than this number.

But certainly the real number will be by Epic Games, the owner and developer of the game Fortnite, Which can accurately determine the actual number.

As the details are fully up to Epic Games, But it hasn’t been announced yet. That is for more than one reason.

The number of players may be less than in previous versions, Or because the numbers may change from moment to moment, Or it may be that the party-goers don’t care as much about the game as they do about the concert.

When will the numbers of players for the game Fortnite appear?

When something exciting happens like the start of a new season, or important events in the game, The numbers will be about the number of players in each place due to the presence of a large number of players at that time, This is the period when players are waiting. And then engage them vigorously and effectively.

And at this time of player rush, the actual numbers of the number of players playing Fortnite appear, That time without others to indicate the mass of the game. And the presence of a large number of players more than any previous version.

However, the numbers provide a close up of the numbers of real players. These numbers also measure whether there has been progress and an increase in the number of players or not. How many accounts?

How many players play fortnite?

In the second chapter of season five, Specifically at Galactus in December 2020, the company announced the number of active players playing Fortnite.

which is estimated to have 15.3 million active players, They score simultaneously to watch the end of the season.

As this number was considered a huge jump in the number of players, Compared to Event “Travis Scott” in April 2020. As the number of players was estimated to be 12.3 million active players at the time.

Which is a big leap compared to the Marshmallow party in February 2019. Which is estimated at 10.8 million people. We note here a steady increase in the number of people, which reflects the steady success of the game.

The number of accounts and their significance by the number of players who play fortnite

Although it does not reflect much indicative of the active players, However, the number of accounts registered in the game is an indicator of the evolution of the number of players.

There are some people who register in the game but are not active, Or they play now and then.

Where we find that the numbers in March 2019 were 250 million people registered an account on Fortnite.

While in May 2020, the numbers jumped dramatically to reach 350 million accounts, with a significant increase of 100 million new accounts, This is really something to be proud of.

Number of players in competing games of the game Fortnite

Nevertheless, We find that there is ambiguity in the actual numbers of the players who play the interactive Fortnite because they are measured at the times of important events, So it’s hard to compare it to competing games, For example, the most times that saw the presence of active players in fortnite, It was in August 2018 and was estimated at 78.3 million players.

As for Apex Legends, in October 2019, there were 70 million active players.

For Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Royal Battle, It boasted of registering a whopping 400 million players in June 2018, In April 2020, the number of active players during the month was estimated at 886 million active players., As for Warzone, it has 50 million players in April 2020.

But Fortnite remains one of the most popular battle royale games at the moment. Which is steadily increasing the number of players.