Best program to reduce pdf files to the smallest possible size

If you are a pdf user, And facing the problem of increasing the file size, What impedes the process of transmitting it to others, or cause you a number of other problems, You can see this article in which we offer you the solution, which is the best program to reduce pdf files to the smallest possible size , and all the details about it.

Problems caused by large pdf files

Large pdf files are bad for user experience and slow to display.

– Large pdf files usually include high quality images , which causes a problem when you move that file to another location on your device.

– This type of file causes a problem when downloading e-books.

– large pdf files have difficulty uploading online, As it requires high internet speed, It also takes a long time to wait for it to be uploaded.

– These files are not easy to share, whether through social networking sites or e-mail.

Devices with limited storage space have difficulty accommodating this type of file.

So, the solution is to avoid these problems, It is the use of a program to reduce pdf files to the smallest possible size, PDF Compressor is one of the best and most powerful programs in this regard.

Features of PDF Compressor to Compress PDF Files

– easy to use, It can reduce the file size while maintaining the quality.

The program is compatible with all different Windows systems.

Easily downloadable to phones.

The program is medium in size and does not take up much space on your device.

The program enables you to compress more than 30 files at the same time with great ease.

– The program reduces the size of any file from “30 MB” to “8 MB” in a very short time that may reach less than a minute.

– The program enables you to control the path of saving files after reducing their size on your device.

– The program supports the file drag feature, You can choose the file you want to extract from the computer and then drag it into the program. and then click the push button, The program can even reduce the file size at the same time.

– The program may decrypt any code or restrictions on the protected files, before completing the downsizing process.

– The program supports all languages, such as English, French, German, Italian, and other languages, In order to facilitate the use of the program.

The program enables you to upload any files on the Internet.

How to use pdf compressor

Upload the file from your device.

– You can upload the file, Either by drag and drop, Or search the hard drive.

– Choose how the file will appear after modification through the settings.

– If the pdf file contains color images, It is preferable to convert it to black and white, In order to compress the pdf file to the smallest size more powerfully, Knowing that this is optional for you.

Click “compress” to start the process of reducing the file size.

– By the end of it, You will see a message, Click Finish.

– You can now save the image where you want it on your device.

Note that some PDF files may not be compressed, Because it may be really small in size or not have much to compress.

And here we have provided you, through this article, the solution to the problem of large-sized PDF files by means of a program to compress and reduce the size of PDF files.

Now you can get rid of those files with the best pdf reducer software to the smallest possible size , It is a pdf compressor that enables you to reduce file size in just a few seconds and effortlessly by compressing them while preserving the rest of the details.