How do I know the balance of my account in Al Rajhi Bank through the mobile?

If you are a customer of Al Rajhi Bank, You can check your balance online via mobile. Without the need to go to the bank branch.

Al Rajhi Bank allows more than one type of bank account, is the current account, excellence account, Diamond Excellence Account. In addition to own account, All of these accounts can be queried online via mobile, In this article, we offer you the simplest way to do this:

1- Al-Rajhi app

You can check your account balance with Al Rajhi Bank, Through the bank’s application, which you can download easily on your mobile phone, whether it has an Android or iPhone operating system, And then follow these steps:

Open the mobile app you downloaded.

Click on the registration box.

Enter the debit card number.

Enter the password on the card.

Enter the IBAN account number.

– Click on the next box.

– Choose Al Mubasher Service for Individuals.

– Choose a username.

– Choose a password.

– Click on the Read Terms and Conditions box, And agree to it.

– Click on the next box.

Enter the verification code that was sent to the mobile.

– A message will appear on the screen, It indicates that the account has been created successfully.

– re-login, By entering the username and then the password.

Click on the login box.

Enter the verification code.

Your account home page will appear.

Click on Balance Inquiry.

2- Al Mubasher Service for Individuals

Al Mubasher for Individuals service enables you to carry out your banking operations from any time and place with ease and security. In addition to the ability to know your account balance and view your account statement, This is done by following these steps:

Log in to the Al Rajhi Bank website directly.

– Click on the individuals icon directly.

Go to the Personal Internet Banking page.

– Click on login.

Click on the registration page from within the e-services.

– Enter the PIN of the teller card, Or the ATM card number.

– Choose the mobile service from Al Rajhi Bank.

After completing the registration process for your mobile number, You will be able to proceed with the registration process easily next time.

Your mobile number will be requested, In addition to the request to set a password.

After doing the previous step, click on continue, Thus, you will be able to complete the registration process.

The registration confirmation screen will appear.

Go to your main account page.

– Choose to request the balance of the Al Rajhi Bank account.

– Click on the Continue icon.

– Wait a few seconds for the query result to appear, Which includes all the details related to your account balance.

Features of Al Rajhi Bank

Al Rajhi Bank has about 500 branches in Saudi Arabia. While the rest of its branches are spread in several other countries, most notably Malaysia, which has 19 branches. Kuwait and Jordan.

Al Rajhi Bank provides many advantages to its customers, Where the customer can view his bank account easily and securely, It can also perform all banking operations from anywhere, Al Rajhi Bank also allows the customer to carry out many banking activities, Such as paying bills, transferring money to others, and donating to charities.

Al-Rajhi Bank is one of the most important banks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Where it was established in 1957, It is considered among the largest joint stock banking companies. With a capital of 25 billion riyals, The bank has more than 570 branches, 150 of which are for women. In addition to covering nearly five thousand ATMs.

This bank was founded by the brothers “Saleh, Abdullah, Suleiman and Muhammad bin Abdul Aziz Al-Rajeh”. The Bank bases its investment banking dealings, On the controls and provisions of Islamic Sharia.

You can now know the balance of your account with Al Rajhi Bank online via your mobile in the least time and with the least effort, By following one of the methods that we mentioned to you during this article.