How to unload pictures in photoshop

We all need to offload some images i.e. remove the background around them, To use the image we want on another background, For advertising or personal purposes.

One of the best options for unpacking images professionally is Photoshop , which allows you to do this, Through the easy steps we present to you in this article:

The first way to unload images in photoshop

– Open the two images you want to merge through the “File” menu, then “Open”, on Photoshop.

– Click on the “Pen Tool”, from the tools panel.

– Zoom in on the image whose background you want to delete, appropriately.

– Specify precisely where you want to dump the image.

– right click of the mouse, and choose Make Selection.

– a window will appear, Make it default settings.

– Click on the “Ok” button.

– Dotted lines will appear on the selected drawing.

– go to classes, double click on the image layer, Then press the Ok button.

Select the layer again and press the “Add to mask” tool.

You will then notice that the background has been removed from the image .

– In order to superimpose the image on another background, Select the layer again and right-click on it. And select Apply Mask.

– choose the eraser tool from the tools panel, And you have to reduce its size by pressing the “C” key on the keyboard.

– You have to enlarge the image as much as possible, and remove anything you want in the image, Until you finish editing the image.

Open the image menu and select resize image.

Make sure the options below are enabled.

– If the image size is large, You have to reduce the image to the appropriate size, By entering the aspect ratio or width.

– Select the image using the selection tool from the tools panel.

– Choose Copy from the Edit menu.

– You have to activate the window for the other image by clicking on it.

Choose Paste from the Edit menu.

– Use the move tool in the tools panel, In order to move the image you pasted to the appropriate place.

– to save the image, Choose the File menu Then choose “Save for web”.

– Choose the format in which you want to save the image, whether “JPG” or “PNG-24”.

– For the cut image, it is preferable to save it in the PNG-24 format, And then activate the “Transparency” option.

Magic Wand Tool to Unload Images in Photoshop

There is another way to empty the image in Photoshop, But it is not available in older versions of the program such as Photoshop CS2, It is by following these steps:

– Open the two photos you want to combine, The two images must be the same size.

– If the two images are not the same size, Go to the image menu.

– Choose Canvas size to change the size of the Layer, while maintaining the image size.

– Or you can use image size from the same image menu to change the image size.

– Select the image whose background you want to change, using the selection tool.

– Choose copy from the edit menu.

– Go to the other image that includes the background you want.

– Select it with the selection tool.

– Choose Paste from the edit menu.

– The image will be added above the background.

Note that it will be layered on top of the background image layer. Go to Layers.

– drag the background image layer up, to be on top of the image layer you pasted.

– Click on the eye icon in the layers, Hides the background image layer.

Select the Magic Wand Tool from the Tools panel.

– right click of the mouse, And choose Quick Selection Tool.

– Select the areas you want to remove from the image.

Click on the Refine Edge button from the Tools panel.

– the area that you did not select in the previous step will appear, In red color.

– Make sure that the area you want appears as you want, Then click OK.

– Show the background image that you have previously hidden, By activating the eye icon icon again.

– You must activate the layer for the background image by clicking on it.

Click on the Mask icon.

– the image will be unloaded, Then you can save it.

Photoshop uses

Photoshop was created in 1988 by Adobe, Inc. It is a bitmap editor for Microsoft Windows operating systems. mac os, iPad OS.

Photoshop is used to modify images by changing the colors, contrast, or lighting of the images. Photoshop is also used to develop RAW image files and produce images from them.

Photoshop manipulates images and designs, Through its ability to insert or remove other parts that are not in the original file, It also creates motion pictures. In addition to being able to make simple adjustments to videos, And that in recent versions.

Photoshop has advanced uses. It can create banners and various visual designs, This is done by merging text, images and other different elements, With each other, And that within one design.

Photoshop can also prepare and prepare images for the purpose of using them as patterns for three-dimensional objects, In 3D programs, or images that are used in video production.

Modern versions of Photoshop can, Website and forum design Photoshop is also considered one of the basic tools in the printing stages for many publications such as magazines and books.

Photoshop features

Photoshop is easy to use compared to other design programs. Where he can modify the places of the windows in the program according to the personal desire of the user, It is also characterized by providing many options to work on it in a highly professional manner, It can provide a large number of Automatic Functions, This is in addition to the possibility of manual access to what the user wants, This is not available in other design software.

Photoshop also offers plenty of easy-to-access editing options. Such as teeth whitening, adjusting skin color and removing the red color from the pupil of the eye resulting from the imaging process.

Photoshop makes it easy to embed images and videos in the program. With the ability to organize those files on the user interface, In addition to organizing the editing tools in the workspace, Which leads to facilitating the mechanism of dealing with it, and save time to complete the work, In addition to having many ready-made graphics and templates that enable website developers to use them very easily.

This makes Photoshop the most used program by many advertising, marketing and web design companies.

Here we have finished presenting the method of unloading images in Photoshop, In order to help you get distinctive images with the backgrounds you want.