Types of robots and their uses

The robotics industry has developed a lot in recent years. To be used as a substitute for a human in carrying out many challenging tasks.

A robot is a machine used to perform difficult tasks that require high accuracy and a person may not be able to perform them. Hence the name of the robot, which stands for hard work in the Czech language. Since the word robot is derived from “Robota” which means forced labor or forced labour, The robot may be in the form of a human or a machine.

The robot performs its tasks according to the direct signal and control of the human being. or according to signals from computer programs, It is used in many difficult fields.

The use of robots in the military fields

Robots are used to perform many military services. Whether it is a robot or a drone and other devices that some armies use to help reduce human losses, The robots also contribute to the dismantling of bombs through their installation supported by the best and latest military technology.

The robot is also used to remove mines that were planted in some places during periods of colonialism and wars. It is controlled by remote control devices, The robot drags the mines inside, and then make it explode in an isolated environment, The type used in this process is called d-3. It can scan an area of up to 1,000 square meters in one hour.

Robots are also used to spy on the enemy after being given commands through remote control devices. Where they are small in size equipped with cameras with night vision and chains to move in enemy areas, Because of these characteristics, these robots can reach places that are difficult for humans to reach and collect information about the place, analyze and study it.

The use of robots in the medical field

The robot may be used to perform some tasks during the surgery or to do the whole process, Robots are used in the medical field since the year 2000 in hospitals in America and Europe.

The robot can perform all closed surgeries, In addition to laparoscopic surgical procedures in all specialties, The use of robots in surgical operations has many benefits, including reducing the risk of infections, Reducing pain and blood loss during the operation, Thus healing is faster.

Use of robots in household chores

Home business robots are It has a rechargeable battery, In addition to infrared sensors in order to know the surroundings in it, engines that drive the wheels, To be able to move and do many activities and tasks inside the house.

Experts have launched a home robot called “HomePod”. It is characterized by its ability to turn any wall into a giant screen, And another robot called “Zenbo”, As it is considered as a smart home manager, The home robot performs several other tasks, including guarding and kitchen work. In addition to entertainment tasks such as family photography, playing songs and reading educational stories in an interesting creative way, The home robot also teaches children to play chess.

There is also a robot in the form of a vacuum cleaner with a rechargeable battery, It cleans the floor automatically every period of time. And that robot is equipped with motors and sensors in order to know where it is located and to facilitate its home work.

But there is a risk in robots, especially those that are used indoors, where you’ve already devoured a home robot in the shape of a vacuum cleaner, The hair of a South Korean woman sleeping on the floor.

Using robots as a pet

He may also use the robot for entertainment as any pet, Like a robot dog that needs to be charged periodically, He has intelligence that enables him to understand human speech after receiving the necessary training. The robot dog makes sounds, plays and moves with wheels and is controlled remotely through some additional accessories.

Using robots to regulate traffic

Robots can be used to regulate traffic, This type of robot is designed to operate on solar energy. So it is economical. It has many advantages as it can rotate and is equipped with back and front lights in red and green, Where green indicates to allow traffic and red to stop traffic.

The use of robots in industry

One of the areas in which robots are used most, is the industry, Where robots are used in the field of industrial processes that are hazardous, such as “inserting parts into dangerous machinery or handling hot castings”, metal cutting, assembling, welding, gluing and carrying, The robot is used in heavy engineering works, blacksmithing workshops, foundries and presses. Therefore, humans control the robot remotely, in the interest of its safety and security. There are also robots working in shops, restaurants and cafes.

The use of robots in sports

The sports robot can perform the most difficult exercises such as push-ups and abdominal exercises, which need to be performed with high flexibility, There is a sports robot called Drone-ovic, His mission is to assist tennis players during their training, By throwing balls to them in a way that enables them to deliver effective kicks and thus improve their playing style and raise their athletic level, In addition to filming the players, as he is equipped with a camera that enables him to photograph them from above, allowing them to watch videos after training, To review the way they perform during the game and to identify their strengths and weaknesses, Which leads to an improvement in their level.

The use of robots in agriculture

Robots are used in agriculture. Where the agricultural robot can carry out spraying, pruning, etc., Removing weeds, which is a very arduous task for the human element, as it requires a large number of labor, It is also used in harvesting and livestock farming such as automated milking.

And robots help reduce the number of workers, In addition to reducing production cost, increasing the quality of agricultural crops, and fresh production.
The agricultural robot is directed to carry out its tasks through the use of a remote control, However, researchers are currently working on developing a system that allows the robot to move completely autonomously. Scientists expect that this may take at least another, Before robots can function as efficiently as humans.

Thus, in this article, we will present the types of robots and their areas of use. Which includes the military, medical, agricultural, industrial and household business fields, and other fields, Knowing that the robotics industry is expected to witness a major boom in the coming years to replace humans in many businesses.