How to design a free app for iPhone with ease

Some people may need to design an iPhone application to be an effective way to profit or market to one of their companies or stores, Therefore, the quality and services provided by the application must be taken into account, and besides that, these services must be designed in a creative and easy way, In this article, let’s learn now the method and steps to design an iPhone application for free .

How to create a free iPhone app

Apple smartphones run on the iOS operating system. Therefore, it must be taken into account when designing an application for the iPhone that must be compatible with the operating system and start planning well to make it distinct from other applications.

In addition, the programmer must be familiar with all the details and programming rules for making the application, In order to ensure the success of designing an application for the iPhone, the following steps must be followed.

Steps to design an app for iPhone

The first step: Setting up the development environment

  • Download a development environment to use in creating the iPhone application by downloading (XCode) on the Apple website and requires OS X8, Then download a good text editor to make it easier for you to program the code for the application.
  • Also, install a graphics program (eg Vector), Which helps you create graphics for your application, and the program is characterized by the presence of sizes of graphics that improve the appearance of the application.
  • Objective-C language is created to be used in the functionality of iPhone applications. It also deals with data and objects, In addition to installing the Swift language to continue with the C language to give the application more yield and modernity.
  • And if you don’t have the technical sense that makes you can’t deal with C language, You can hire an expert programmer who can create them or use these functions via the Internet.
  • After that, create a development account from Apple so that you can publish your application on the App Store, It costs $99 to create an account, plus provide your tax number and bank account number.
  • After the account registration process, you can install some demo applications, So you can realistically develop applications and gain experience in application development.

The second step: Planning to create an app

  • It is necessary to define the idea of the application and its functions through the development of a good plan and the plan includes the development of documents for the design of the infrastructure for the functions of the application.
  • Determine the target audience of the application, Which affects the appearance and functionality of the application and the application is designed to solve any problems encountered by the user.
  • Think about the appearance of the content that is presented to the target group, For example images and application interface that should be suitable for them.

The third step: Create the app

  • After installing XCode on the application, you can open the project from the File menu, Then choose the applications on the left side of the window, Then choose Create Blank App from the Templates section.
  • Next create a storyboard that is a visual representation of all the screens of the app, The storyboard also shows the contents of the screens and transitions that help you set up the launch of the application, By setting the storyboard as the interface to the application.
  • Then you add in the first screen the display controller, The most prominent of them are the standard interfaces and tables, and you also add the application interface elements on the first screen where you can add titles and text entry fields.
  • You can also select and customize the items that you add on the first screen, You can also add multiple screens, In addition to the feature to modify the properties of the elements, You can also add a browser bar on the screen.

The fourth step: Application Test

  • Never run the emulator is iOS, Then build the application by pressing the play button to be able to test the application and then connect it on your iPhone with PC via USB; You can close iTunes.
  • Then close the application so that you can discover errors in order to modify them again, Taking into account saving and editing every step you take because the memory of the iPhone is limited.
  • You can also test the application by other people, To make sure it works efficiently.

Fifth step: Publish the app

  • Click on the Build Application button and choose Create Distribution File and open the Control Panel and enter all the application data and upload the application and wait for the download, and then you can promote it on stores, Sales continued.

Features of designing a free app for iPhone

  • Using the latest technology in designing an application for the iPhone.
  • It protects applications and databases from theft and hacking.
  • Using the best special software for the application that enables its ease and speed.
  • Application design for all screen sizes of the iPhone.
  • An integrated technical support team is available to help with problems.

At the end of our article, we hope that we have explained with a suitable explanation how to design a free iPhone, Which can help you to make profit through it after publishing it on the Apple App Store.