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In April 1954, Jackie Chan, considered one of the most famous martial artists and one of the sexiest actors of all time, was born. Jackie Chan got his first movie role in 1976 when he was hired by a rival producer for his obvious mastery of movement and later he co-starred in many great movies which were hugely popular among users around the world. Chan has become one of the most famous actors around the world thanks to his films that have won the admiration of people of all categories, yet people find it difficult to know Best Jackie Chan Movies So we decided to make a list of the best and excellent movies of this Chinese star which you can watch any of them in your spare time.

best jackie chan movies in order

The movie Rush Hour

Rush Hour is a 1998 American action comedy film. Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, and Tom Wilkinson collaborated with director Brett Ratner and were able to provide a great work, This movie revolves around a Chinese police inspector (Jackie Chan) and a colorful American detective (Chris Tucker) who will have to face countless criminals in order to rescue the daughter of a Chinese consul who has been kidnapped by a mysterious crime boss (Lord Juntao).

Plus, Inspector Lee and Detective James Carter will have to fight and capture the bad guys while keeping a giant, priceless vase from falling and having a fantastic comic payoff.

Moreover, this wonderful movie was the highest-grossing movie in 1998, with revenues of about 244 US dollars, Knowing that his budget did not exceed 33 million dollars.

Karate Kid 2010 movie

Karate Kid 2010 is another movie in the Karate Kid series that first came out in the 80s. Starring Jackie Chan, it follows Dre Parker (Jaden Smith, son of Will Smith), the young son of a single mother who moves from Detroit to Beijing to work in an automobile factory.

One day, a group of local boys beat up Dre Parker, but Mr. Han (Jackie Chan), a martial arts master, appears to defend the young boy. He asks the boys to apologize to Dre, but the boys’ martial arts professor Lee refuses to let them apologize. Instead, he challenges Dre to fight the boys in an upcoming tournament, Knowing that Dre Parker is not good at kung fu, but Mr. Han accepts the challenge and trains Dre so that he can face them in the tournament and settle their dispute once and for all.

Shanghai Noon movie

In this film, Jackie Chan plays the role of a member of the Chinese Imperial Guard named Chun who is forced to travel to Nevada in the United States of America to rescue the princess who has been kidnapped.

Note that the movie Shanghai Noon is a comedy and action movie distributed by Walt Disney and directed by Tom Day and starring Jackie Chan, Owen Wilson and Brandon Merrill.

The movie Rob-B-Hood

For many, Rob-B-Hood is considered one of the best Jackie Chan comedy films, because he played an amazing role at the age of 52, in addition to achieving revenues that exceeded expectations after not being granted a license to show in most European countries and North America, where he made more than 20 million dollars On his first show.

This movie revolves around two people (Jackie Chan and Hui Koo Louis Michael) who find a baby and decide to take care of him and bond with him. It’s fun as always, but the empathy factor takes time. However this leaves room for character development and watching the characters stumble as they try to take care of a child is so much fun.

City Hunter movie

City Hunter is Jackie Chan’s most popular Chinese movie. It is an action-adventure comedy film directed by Wong Jin, one of China’s most respected directors, and starring Joey Wong, Kumiko Goto, Chengmei Yao and Richard Norton. The film is based on the Japanese manga of the same name, City Hunter, a reckless female detective who is assigned to rescue the daughter of the CEO of a prominent Japanese newspaper. The interesting events continue until they create a love story between Jackie Chan and the detective and in this way a fun and entertaining comedy will develop.

The Tuxedo movie

It is an American film that perfectly blends comedy and martial arts, starring Jackie Chan, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Debbie Mazar, and directed by Kevin Donovan. The story revolves around a taxi driver, Through a device, he fights an evil, mentally ill person who wants to poison and pollute the waters of the world. Jackie tries to counter him with a physical comedy along with a very attractive stunt that will entertain fans young and old alike.

The Tuxedo movie is considered one of the best films in which Jackie Chan participated in all respects, as it won the admiration of a large number of users around the world and achieved huge revenues that exceeded 105 million dollars.

The Foreigner movie

This film directed by Martin Campbell occupies the first place in the best Jackie Chan films and is also one of the last films of this great Chinese actor. The Foreigner movie revolves around a former Chinese special forces officer, the owner of a restaurant whose daughter is killed by terrorists, and then begins to take revenge with his own hands instead of… Waiting for the law to do justice, which proves that he is a completely evil person. Moreover, this film is one of the few Jackie Chan films that does not contain comedy, but on the contrary, the story takes place in a hostile and suspenseful environment.

This wonderful movie was released in the year 2017, directed by the esteemed Martin Campbell and starring Jackie Chan, Pierce Brosnan, Orla Brady and Dermot Crowley, Knowing that the movie cost the producer about $35 million and grossed $111 million.

CZ12 . film

CZ12 is another great movie that mixes action, comedy, martial arts and adventure, directed by Jackie Chan, written by Jackie Chan, and also starring Jackie Chan and Kwon Sang Woo, It revolves around a Chinese man named Hawk (Jackie Chan) who is searching for an art collection that includes 12 bronze animal heads in different regions around the world. In addition, this movie, which was released in 2012, is considered one of the best Jackie Chan films in terms of revenue and fame among people around the world. It grossed about $112 million on a 36 million production budget and 138 million box office revenue for its first launch.

In the end, we would like to point out that the best Jackie Chan movies that we showed you above were carefully selected so that you like them, Now choose any movie from the list and then start watching it and you will definitely enjoy it.