The best Disney movies dubbed for kids for free

Foreign cartoon films are among the favorite films of many, especially those dubbed in Arabic, which are considered the best for children. Several dubbings of Disney films have been produced in Arabic. Indeed, it has long been dubbed into the Egyptian colloquial dialect. These films have become a favorite of many, not only children, but also young people.

Here is a large selection of Disney movies to download directly:

Download Disney movies dubbed

Chicken.Little movie

It is an animated film that revolves around adventure and comedy. Where Chicken Little causes many problems and chaos, after which he tries to fix the chaos he created and participate in the fight against aliens.
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Movie Lilo & Stitch 2 Stitch Has a Glitch

It is a science fiction thriller full of exciting events. Which tells the story of Stitch, an alien with a life-threatening disorder that poses a threat to his girlfriend Lilo, Which is why he decides to leave Earth so Lilo tries to stop him from doing so.

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Madagascar movie

It is a series of films, The Penguins of Madagascar, in which they try to preserve the penguins’ reputation and return to their homeland.

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The Curse of the Were-Rabbit movie

It revolves around the character of the inventor, Alace, who lives with his dog Gromit, Which causes an invention designed by Wallace to make rabbits wild, attacking plants and eating vegetables.

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Kronk’s New Groove movie

It is a film that tells the story of Kronk, who seeks to become a secret despite working as a chef. Kronk seeks to find a plan to reach his goals.

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Inside Out movie

It is a movie about Riley who goes to a new city with her father, She is trying to control her mixed feelings and her latent feelings help her to overcome her move from the city and maintain her positive energy.

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The movie Frozen Fever

It is the second part of the series. It revolves around Elsa, Olive and Kristoff. who would like to have her sister Anna’s birthday party, Meanwhile, they are exposed to great dangers due to Elsa’s supernatural power.

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Movie Hotel Transylvania

The film revolves around Dracula’s decision to open the doors of his hotel to humans, after his daughter’s marriage to a human, The film tells the events of Dracula’s adventures with his granddaughter, who wants to teach him how to be a vampire.

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The Peanuts Movie

It is a movie that chronicles the adventures of Charlie and his dog Snoopy as they go on a quest above the clouds with his Peanut Gang friends Lucy, Linus.

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Soul . movie

It is a musical film that tells the story of a musician who lost his passion and is exposed to an accident that causes a soul to move to the place of the soul, in which he begins to see other suspended souls, then tries to know their stories and help them, then his soul returns in another body, and the events of the film continue to be exciting and discover many secrets.

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The Croods A New Age movie

The film tells the adventure of the Croods and their confrontation with the Petermans family. And we will show everything related to it on TechTradeNews in the upcoming articles.

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The Emperor’s New movie

The film tells the story of the emperor who loves himself and decides to build a resort on a hill in one of the villages, using the farmer Pacha, who takes him to the best hills in the town, only to discover that the hill chosen by the emperor is in his village and that he will demolish the village.

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Tweety’s High-Flying Adventure

A movie about Tweety’s adventure and a desire to fly

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The Little Mermaid 2 Return to the Sea

The sea princess escapes after being prevented from moving in the ocean by the evil witch, But she escapes to venture into the seas.

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Dinosaur movie

It is a movie whose story revolves around the dinosaur, which is kidnapped since it was an egg by a reptile, but the egg falls from it to be found by the lemurs who play their role in caring for it as one of them until that day when they have to leave the place where they live to go to the place of the dinosaurs to meet the dinosaurs for the first time .

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Pocahontas 2 Journey to a New World movie

The film tells the story of Pocahontas, who goes to England on a trip with her friends Miko, Fleet and Percy.

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Mulan . movie

Mulan makes her decision to take part in the war in her father’s place. To disguise herself as a man of war to prove her worth and strength.

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The Lion King 2 Simba’s Pride movie

The events of the film revolve around the story of Simba’s daughter Kiara and Zira’s son Kufu, who is considered an enemy of Simba as his mother Zira taught him, Kofu is left with a choice between Kiara and his mother, Zira, who wants revenge on Kiara because she is Simba’s daughter.

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The movie A Bug’s Life

It is a fictional movie about an ant colony that is controlled by locusts. To feed the ant, Flick, this enslavement, and flees to another land to seek the help of some of her insect friends to confront the locusts.

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The Incredibles movie

The film tells the story of the superheroes, Incredible, and his wife, Helen, and their adventure to conquer evil.

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Shark Tale movie

A hunter kills the son of the leader of the shark gang, Some fish claim to have done this. The shark tries to kill them and the fish unite to protect them because of their hatred for the shark.

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Madagascar 3 Europe’s Most Wanted movie

The lion who lives in one of the forests of Africa wants to go to the United States, He tries to find his friends, the penguins, which made him go to Europe. They meet Dobbo, who is trying to capture and hunt the lion. Then the lion and his friends join the circus, which is going to the United States.

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Here we finish our article about downloading Disney movies and cartoons for children for free, There are still many upcoming movies coming soon that will be published as soon as they are released and broadcast by anime watching sites .