Best sad drama movies

Although we know that what is shown on television and cinema screens is just acting, However, we feel happy or sad according to what is presented to us. Sad movies have a large group of viewers who always want this type of drama, Through our article, we have collected for you a large collection of old and new sad drama films.

Best sad drama movies

My Life Without Me . movie

The movie My Life Without Me, produced in 2003, and its events revolve in a dramatic and serial form. The heroine of the story is a 25-year-old girl named Bassem “Ann”. She was married with two young children and lived happily and lovingly with her husband and children in her mother’s big house. But after a while, Ann feels tired, so she goes to the doctor and performs the necessary tests to check on her health. And here comes the shock, so the doctor forces her that she is a cancer patient in very late stages and that she will die in a short period not exceeding two months, When she finds out about it, she is in a state of collapse and shock. And then you step back and think about it alone, Then she decides not to tell any of her friends or family the truth about her illness. And here Anne is getting ready to change her life and enjoy it, She resorted to hiking and traveling with her husband and family, and spending as much time as possible with them. But soon the two months pass, Anne grows tired again, and the film ends with her death and her family’s endless grief for her.

Action heroes:

  • Sarah Polly.
  • Mark Ruffalo.
  • Scott Speedman.

The Ice Storm movie

The movie Ice Storm was released in 1997. The events of the movie go back to 1993, where there was a young teenager named “Paul” in the suburbs of “New Canaan Connecticut” who was from a conservative middle family and did not recognize the existence of alcohol, But their son was different, unlike them. He was a young man who always dated girls and then met a girl called “Wandering Wendy” and they had a love affair with that girl who was addicted to alcohol and drugs, She forces Polly to try these things until she completely changes his behavior. He became addicted to drugs and alcohol, His life is turned upside down. He does not have enough money, so he steals from his father and his friends. low in school, The family goes through psychological crises mourning their son, and life becomes like an ice storm.

Action heroes:

  • Sigourney Weaver.
  • Joan Allen.
  • Kevin Kline.

Movie Requiem for a Dream

The film Elegyat A Dream, produced in 2000, revolves around a 63-year-old retired woman. Sarah Goldfarb, a longtime widow with one son, Harry, is a drug addict. Sarah used to live her life as normal as any woman of her age, spending most of her time watching television and watching her favorite series and movies. But Sarah always felt that she was the heroine of the show or a participant in it, This is due to her frequent lifestyle because she is at home all day long. While Harry was selling drugs as well as being addicted to it, And he had a girlfriend originally working as a fashion designer called “Marion”, between whom a love story arose, After that, she works in the drug trade with Harry and his partner, Tyrone.

Sarah continues to fulfill her dream of changing her usual lifestyle and becoming like the artists that she watches on television, She goes to the gym to lose weight until one day one of the girls presents her with narcotic pills that Sarah convinces that they are drugs to lose weight very quickly. She accepts them and Sarah buys them. Then she becomes addicted to these so-called slimming drugs. Then her condition deteriorates for the worse until her mind goes crazy and her body dissolves as a result of the addiction. By chance, Harry learns that his mother is a drug addict, and he is trading in it, and the girl who persuaded his mother to buy is his partner, but she does not know that. And here Harry collapses because of his grief for his mother and that he is the reason for her addiction, illness and loss of him throughout his life, He wishes this was just a bad dream and ends after.

Action heroes:

  • Jennifer Connelly.
  • Elaine Burstein.
  • Jared Leto.

Film Remembrance

The movie Remembrance was produced in 2011 and dates back to the Second World War in 1944 in the prisons of Poland, When there was a Polish young man and a German Jewish girl imprisoned in prisons at that time, During their captivity, they gather a strong friendship and then turn into a love relationship. Here, the two lovers decide to escape the captivity of their enemy. And they succeed in escaping from under the enemy’s hand, leaving the camp, and then scattering on the road after losing their course. Each thinks that the other is dead. After 30 years of coincidence, the two lovers gathered again in the middle of the streets of New York City, America, after each of them had his own life and family. After this meeting, the two lovers recall their memories during the war and learn that their love for each other still exists. He did not separate, but only the body was separated. And yet, life continues between them, but it is sad, loaded with beautiful memories and an uncertain future.

Action heroes:

  • Matthews Damicky.
  • Alice Dwyer.
  • Dagmar house.

Seven Pounds movie

It is an American film produced in 2008 and revolves around a social man with lofty ideas who went through 7 people whose lives were completely destroyed, He was able to know what grieves them and helps them overcome their plight.

Action heroes:

  • will Smith.

The Fault in Our Stars

The film “The Fault in Our Stars” was produced in 2014 and revolves around two teenagers called “August” and the girl named “Hazel”. After they meet, a friendship develops between them, and then turns into a legendary love story. And they wish to complete it by marriage, Augustus continues to support Hazel until she is healed and is a miracle, Unfortunately, Augustus dies at the end of the movie. Hazel’s life is once again destroyed, and she is saddened by the loss of her lover.

Action heroes:

  • Ansel Elgort.
  • Shailene Woodley.
  • Nat Wolff.

A Monster Calls movie

The movie The Call of the Beast was released in 2016 in Spain. The movie revolves around a little boy named “Connor” who is only 12 years old. He suffers from his classmates who beat and bully him. In addition to his suffering and grief for his mother, who is sick with cancer, and he is the only one who takes care of her and does all the housework. Because his father is at work and most of his time is outside the house, Connor tries to get rid of all this through his dreams of a yew tree that turns into a monster, telling him three stories that Connor loves and relates to the tree in their garden, But with the development of his mother’s illness and entering the hospital, his grandmother calls him to take him with her to her house to take care of him so that he does not stay, But Kono is still sad and wants to go to his old house, waiting to hear the fourth story that the monster in the yew tree tells him.

Action heroes:

  • Wes McDougall.
  • Sigourney Weaver.
  • Felicity Jones.
  • Toby Cable.
  • James Melville.
  • Oliver Esther.
  • Dominic Boyle.

This was a group of the most beautiful sad drama films, which we presented to you through the Technical 101 website, based on the evaluation of the best and highest popular sad drama films among its followers and fans. We have nominated this group for you among them because it has the largest number of viewers and followers of these dramatic films.