Best free online games for PC to enjoy with friends

Many parents struggle to choose free games for their children on the computer to spend their free time, whether they need to download and install the game or play it via Online game sites , but those games must be appropriate for the age of children, as each age group interacts with games that suit its stage better than others.

Now let’s take a group of free PC games that can be played online without downloading.

The best online computer games that can be played without downloading . game

The game is similar to the game Snake or snake on old Nokia phones, It offers you a similar experience but with other players you compete in the same map with lots of bright neon colors.

You always have to avoid clashing with other players or you have to start over.

You can try out through this link .

Prodigy . game

A game based on teaching arithmetic and mathematical operations to children or adults. It is played by about 90 million players. Through it, you play the role of a young magician who advances in his many tasks and faces the difficulties that depend on solving questions from mathematics, It can unlock a lot of abilities that will help him to overcome monsters and bosses.

You can play Prodigy through this link . . game

Much like paper Pictionary, it is a game in which friends compete to see which thing is being drawn in the fastest time before they have finished drawing. The faster you are, the more points you get.

The game is simple but very fun with friends and the lack of need to download makes it an easy and quick option to have a fun time without having to think a lot about the means.

You can play through this link .

Pokemon Showdown

Who among us has not been fond of Pokemon games and cartoons since childhood. Pokemon battles are now available without downloading and directly via the Pokemon Showdown browser game.

You can build your own team of favorite Pokemon and directly engage in a duel with other players. Or you can enter into a random match with a team pre-selected for you and your opponent. Instead of waiting to collect your favorite Pokémon, you can enter the battle directly.

Pokemon Showdown can be played through this link .


All you have to do is point and click with the mouse, in which you customize your character in a medieval fantasy world using numerous weapons, gadgets, and abilities. In it, you will take part in more than 200 missions and explorations of the world.

In it, you will face a lot of characters, races, and teams that all strive to gain strength.

Cooperate with other players or face them to be the most powerful warrior and complete your adventures.

You can play Runescape through this link . . Game

Nobreaks is a race without any control in which you compete with players to reach certain points that give you advantages that increase your speed and abilities within the race or to slow down your opponents, The game is very competitive and fun.

The game is available on computers and mobiles as well, and you can play through this link .

Best PC Games to Play Online (Need to Download)

Fortnite game

Fortnite and Battle Royale are among the strongest and best war games for the computer , which are among the lists of the most popular and downloaded games among fans and lovers of electronic games over the Internet.

Fortnite game gives you the opportunity to compete in a wide map and a different range of different players whose levels of professionalism range from one to another, It is available to be against 100 other players in front of you alone, Or with a team represented by you and some of your friends who enter the online game network.

The game is available on all platforms, whether computer, PlayStation or even mobile phones, and all players can communicate and play with each other.

To download the game Fortnite Fortnite from this link .

League of Legends

The game is of the type of fighting and tactics games “MOBA”, Its main idea is to form a team of five heroes with different abilities in a map with 3 main lanes and fight until the destruction of the opponent’s base called “Nexus”.

The game is full of interesting characters and is suitable for all ages.

To download League of Legends from this link

Legends of Runeterra

This game is also from the world of League of Legends, But it is a card game type.

You compete with one opponent trying to form a group of cards with different abilities and advantages, and each of you competes to get rid of the opponent’s life points first, For a chance to get stronger cards.

The game has very attractive graphics and great music and is very similar to Yu Gi Oh.

To download the game Legends of Runeterra from this link .

Star Wars The Old Republic

This game is an adventure and role-playing game or MMORPG in which you play the role of one of the well-known Sith soldiers in the Star Wars world, facing many monsters, fighting wars, and knowing and exploring the stories of this vast world more.

During your adventures, you will get more abilities and armor that will help you stand out and eliminate your opponents to be the best warrior.

To download Star Wars The Old Republic from this link .

World of Tanks

It is a war game that specializes in tanks specifically. The game is a cooperative game in which massive battles take place between large numbers of players, each of whom controls his own tank and engages in major battles.

Winning these battles allows you to get stronger tanks or upgrade your existing tank.

To download the game World of Tanks from this link .

Destiny 2

One of the most important shooting or shooting games, which also carries the MMORPG type, where you control the character of the protector of the galaxy and face many dangers, difficulties and monsters to protect humanity from the dangers of the space world.

The game also includes a multiplayer mode to perform missions with your friends or face each other in numerous battles within the Crucible mode.

To download Destiny 2 from this link .

Apex Legends

It is a first-person shooter game, but it integrates with it a battle royale game system like the one in Fortnite.

The difference here is that your team does not exceed three people. Each of you has unique abilities that help your team out and outsmart your opponents.

The game has a more fast pace and also has an arena mode that puts you in direct confrontation with one team for three rounds.

To download Apex Legends from this link .

Brawlhalla . game

It is a smash game in which you compete with opponents in an open-edge arena. The goal is to knock all the opponents off the edge to be the only one left.

The game features beautiful and cheerful cartoon graphics and is full of cute characters that make it suitable for all ages.

To download Brawlhalla from this link .

Here we conclude our article on TechTradeNews, through which we have touched upon a group of computer games that can be played online without downloading any file as a requirement to run it, and on the other hand, we have presented another group of computer games that you can enjoy online that require you to download to enjoy them online with Your friends with whom playing electronic games has become your habit that you are highly addicted to.