How to open an investment account in Al Rajhi Bank

Before we go into explaining how to open an investment account in Al Rajhi Bank, It is worth mentioning the value of this ancient bank and the reason for the interest of the majority of the investor sector in it. As it represents the most important banks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Where it was established in 1957, It is considered among the largest joint stock banking companies. With a capital of 25 billion riyals, The bank has more than 570 branches, 150 of which are for women. In addition to covering nearly five thousand ATMs.

This bank was founded by the brothers “Saleh, Abdullah, Suleiman and Muhammad bin Abdul Aziz Al-Rajeh”. The Bank bases its investment banking dealings, On the controls and provisions of Islamic Sharia.

Al Rajhi Bank has about 500 branches in Saudi Arabia. While the rest of its branches are spread in several other countries, most notably Malaysia, which has 19 branches, And other countries such as Kuwait and Jordan.

Al Rajhi Bank provides many advantages to its customers, Where the customer can view his bank account easily and securely, It can also perform all banking operations from anywhere, Al Rajhi Bank also allows the customer to carry out many banking activities, Such as paying bills, transferring money to others, and donating to charities.

Al Rajhi Bank provides more than one type of bank account, is the current account, excellence account, Diamond Excellence Account. In addition to a private account.. In this article, we will provide you with sufficient information about these accounts so that you can choose what suits you and learn how to open an investment account with Al Rajhi Bank.

Opening a current account in Al Rajhi Bank

If you are thinking of saving your money in Al Rajhi Bank and opening your own current account, We show you the most important features of that account:

Ease of opening an account online through the Internet.

Ease of choosing the branch you want to deal with.

– Execution of standing orders operations.

– Checking your account balance, This is done by issuing a “monthly account statement” in which all account transactions are clarified. This is done in either English or Arabic.

– You can conduct banking transactions through all electronic channels.

– Issuance of an ATM card, Through the self-service machines.

– You can deposit and internal transfer.

– pay bills, government payments, through the current account.

– Registration in the direct service.

Providing international transfers of all kinds “according to the authorities”.

– You can withdraw and deposit cash, Through an automated teller machine.

Conditions for opening a current account

– to have a national ID number, or resident ID.

The national address should be correct.

– At least 18 years old for adult accounts, The age should not be less than 15 years for minors.

– The mobile number used for registration should be by the customer, Issued by a telephone service provider in the State of Saudi Arabia.

– The applicant must be registered in the Absher service, In order to be able to complete the process of documenting the bank account.

– A declaration by the client that he does not currently hold any political position in Saudi Arabia, It also did not run earlier, This matter is not limited to him, but extends to his first degree relatives “parents, husband, wife and children, And by political position, it means “the fourteenth rank and above” for civilians. or “the rank of major general and above” for the military.

The customer’s declaration that he is fully qualified, and his mental powers that are considered to be the law and order, Being qualified to take the legal actions required to open and manage a personal account with the bank on its own, And his admission that he is not one of the special cases, that require an identification of banking procedures, Blind and illiterate.

How to open a current account with Al Rajhi Bank

The customer can open the current account through the website, But if the customer wants to carry out any banking operations inside the branch at a later time, or order any financing products, or request a credit card or request a check book “according to the authorities”, Then he must go to the branch to update the account’s permissions. and add the authorized signature, In order to open a current account, you must follow these steps:

– Fill out the electronic form for opening a current account, Via the bank’s website from here .

– Document your phone number.

– The customer can document his data through the unified national access “Absher”.

By completing the account opening process, You will receive a text message with account information.

You can benefit from the services provided through the bank’s electronic banking channels around the clock.

– The bank enables the customer to issue a “mada debit card”, around the clock, This is done through self-service machines, located in the bank branches.

Excellence Account

As indicated by its name, it is opened for discerning clients. Where it provides them with the largest levels of integrated banking services to meet all their needs, They can benefit from world-class services, It provides them with a high cash deposit limit, all the time.

Tamayuz account features

– Receiving the customer in the “Al Tamayuz” halls. In all branches of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Exempting the customer from banking transaction fees, When implemented through electronic channels.

Enjoying a 50% discount on banking transaction fees, When implemented through the branch.

– Customer obtaining the “Platinum” card

– The customer obtains the “Visa Platinum” credit card, Additional cards for family members “up to 5″ can also be requested. These cards provide the following services:

– Customer access to VIP lounges at airports.

– Get special offers and discounts.

The daily transfer limit through electronic channels is 300,000 riyals per account, And through the ATM 100 thousand riyals.

– Cash deposit of up to 200 thousand riyals, At Al Rajhi Bank ATMs.

– Up to daily purchase limit through points of sale, to 100 thousand riyals.

– There is a dedicated phone banking for Tamayuz account customers, all the time, Which is 920005544″ or 8001248880”.

Terms of membership for a premium account

One of the following conditions must be met in order for the customer to subscribe to the Tamayuz account:

– Customer opens a new account, It includes a balance of at least “250,000 riyals”.

– Maintaining average balances by the client, Not less than 100 thousand riyals, This is for the last 6 months.

Transferring a salary to the client of no less than “20,000 riyals”.

How to join Tamayuz account

– If you want to be a customer of the bank for the first time, Call the bank at 800 124 1222.

– For the bank’s customers, you can call through the phone numbers 800 124 8880 or 92 000 5544, With mentioning the account number, phone number and customer number cic.

You can visit the nearest branch to you.

– You can contact the bank via e-mail:

Diamond Tamayuz Account Features

Diamond Excellence Account provides, More advantages than the previous account.. Get to know her:

Availability of dedicated centers to receive customers in all branches of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Exempting customers from banking transaction fees, On individual accounts through all channels.

– The bank’s provision of a special relationship manager for Al Tamayuz Diamond Account customers, To meet all their banking needs.

– Customer obtaining a mada “Signature” card, With “Atheer” service, This card has many advantages as follows:

1- Enjoy access to more than a thousand VIP lounges at airports.

2- The provision of this card to the personal assistance service “Concierge”, For hotel, restaurant and airline reservations, In addition to allowing the purchase of tickets for celebrations and other events.

3- Provide a purchase protection program, For lost, stolen or damaged items.

4- The customer can enjoy instant offers and discounts, On a wide range of shopping malls, international restaurants and hotels.

5- Providing check books with a special design for Al Tamayuz Al Masi customers.

6- The customer obtains a “Visa Signature” Murabaha card with a high credit limit, The customer can request additional cards for family members of up to five cards.

– Daily transfer limit through electronic channels, It amounts to 500,000 riyals per account. And through the ATM 100 thousand riyals.

– The customer can make a cash deposit of up to 200 thousand riyals, At Al-Rajhi Automated Teller Machines.

– Up to daily purchase limit through points of sale, to 200 thousand riyals.

– There is a dedicated phone banking for Diamond Excellence account customers, all the time, Via the numbers “920005544 or 800 124 8880”, With the ability to call from a mobile phone.

Terms of subscription to the Diamond Excellence account

One of the following conditions must be met:

– open a new account, At least one million riyals.

– Maintaining average balances by the client, Not less than 500,000 riyals for the last 6 months.

Salary Transfer, Not less than 40 thousand riyals.

You can join the Diamond Excellence account, Through the same methods of joining the Al Rajhi Bank Excellence Account.

Special Account Features

There is also a special account offered by Al Rajhi Bank and its features are as follows:

– Private banking services centers, of meeting all client needs.

– Provide a special relationship manager, In order to meet all the banking needs of customers.

Free Visa Infinite Credit Card Plus additional family credit cards.

– Al Rajhi Bank “Mada” card, In addition, the check book has a special design for private banking services.

Exempting the customer from fees for transferring money locally and internationally.

– Transfer money to other accounts up to one million Saudi riyals, a day online.

Cash deposit of up to 200,000 riyals at any of the Al Rajhi Bank ATMs.

Providing banking services over the phone, And that’s around the clock on the number 800 124 8880 “Free call from the mobile phone”.

Providing many investment products and services to clients through Al Rajhi Capital.

Providing financial solutions and credit facilities, to support investments.

Thus, in this article, we have explained to you all types of accounts with Al-Rajhi Bank, The features of each type and the conditions for joining it. To be able to become a client of one of the most important and largest banks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.