Top 10 free anime movie download sites

Anime films have become one of the favorite genres of most young people these days, and they are not limited to children watching. Rather, it crossed this category to match realistic films in terms of high viewership rates. There are many sites that publish anime films to keep up with the large number of films produced by companies. Below we mention in detail the top 10 sites from which you can download anime films for free.

Best sites to download anime movies for free

Animekom . site

Animekom is one of the best anime movie download sites. It contains a large library of new and old movies that you can search for within the site in an easy and simple way.

GoGoAnime website

The GoGoAnime website contains a large collection of high quality anime movies and series, and it also provides high speeds for direct viewing and downloading as it provides you with 7 high quality and fast download servers, The site also provides a feature to chat with other subscribers.

Add Anime

It is an Arabic site and is considered one of the lowest sites that contain a large collection of anime movies and series. It is also characterized by the absence of ads, Constant updates are added to everything new in the world of anime, There is a feature on the site to chat with friends.

The site is also characterized by ease of dealing with it. It will not require you to register on the site. It is enough to enter the site and deal with it simply. You can download or watch directly without creating an account.

Yo-Anime site

It is also one of the Arabic sites for anime movies, as it includes a large number of dubbed and translated anime movies and series, including new and old ones. It also contains a collection of exclusive anime movies that no other site has shown, The site provides you with an alphabetical search feature to facilitate access to your favorite movie.


It is the fifth site on the list of the best sites to download anime movies, It is a site distinguished by a large number of the best anime movies that you can watch and download in an easy and simple way, All you have to do is register on the site and then you can enjoy all the features that the site provides.

Dubbed Anime site

It is one of the foreign websites to download anime movies. It contains all the anime movies and series that have been released. The site enables you to download all movies with high quality and speed, It is a free site and is characterized by ease and simplicity of download methods, as well as the easy system within the site.

HorribleSub site

HorribleSub is characterized by multiple viewing and downloading quality, It also contains a large library of movies and series, which will prevent you from searching on another site. Everything you want to watch from movies and anime series you will find on this site, The site is also distinguished by not deleting any scenes in the movies.

animespire . website

animespire website offers anime movies in HD quality, It also allows different download quality, Although the site is one of the famous sites in the world of anime movies, it is one of the best sites that contain a large collection of anime movies that can be watched and downloaded in an easy way, in high quality and fast.

OkAnime site

It is one of the most famous sites that contains a large library of anime movies and series, and has a high rate of visitation and registration by anime lovers, Where the site offers you several advantages, including providing a set of servers for viewing and downloading, and providing notification service in case the site publishes new movies or series, You just have to register on the site and enjoy all the features.

gateanime site

Anime portal site, which offers anime movies in HD and DS quality, The site is also characterized by the absence of any ads, All films are dubbed in Arabic. The site offers the service of requesting any movie that is not on the site, and the officials respond to you and provide the movie you want, It is also possible to download the movie and watch it on the site in the absence of the Internet.

There are several other sites that provide many anime movies such as

Royalkom . site

It is a simple site that contains a large number of movies and series that can be downloaded and watched with great quality and high speed.

Shahid site

It is an Arabic site for anime movies, which contains light servers to watch and download movies, with speed and high quality.

Lake anime site

It is another Arab site that shows movies and series in high quality, and you can watch movies even though there is no internet.

Anime site

The Anime website contains many anime movies of different quality and several high servers that can be downloaded with ease.

eg anime website

It is one of the wonderful and simple sites that display anime movies in Arabic, which can be downloaded directly and quickly.

There is also the popular AnimeSlayer app, which includes the largest library of anime movies and series. The application also provides a simultaneous translation service for all new movies and series, which sends a notification when any new series or movie is available, It also features that it plays creations on any video player you have.

The other advantage is the clarification of the viewer when there is a filler ring, Finally, you can download the application directly from it.