The best foreign comedies of all time

Comedies are one of the favorite movies of all. This type of movie is the perfect way to change a bad mood to transform when you watch it for someone else, no matter how bad your mood is. So, we present to you a list of the best foreign comedies of all time, Which we advise you to watch.

The most powerful foreign comedies

The Mask . movie

The first movie on our list is the most famous movie of all time, which was one of our favorite childhood comedies among all of the foreign comedies, Where it was first shown in 1994, Nevertheless, we still see it to this day.

The film revolves around Stanley, who always fails to find a girl who loves him. Until he meets a girl named Tina, with whom he falls in love from the first time, but later discovers that she does not love him, Until the day he finds a magical mask that changes the course of his life.

Mrs. movie Doublefire

The film revolves around Daniel, who is forced to disguise himself as a housekeeper so that he can see his children. After he was separated from his wife and his ex-wife took custody of the children, which made her prevent him from seeing them, The events of the film revolve around a wonderful comedy when Dania tries to get close to his children while he is in a woman’s dress.

The 40 Year-Old Virgin movie

It is a romantic comedy movie where the movie tells the story of Andy, He is a handsome man, However, he did not enter into any romantic relationship. He spends most of his time working and playing cards. Until he meets Trish, whom he falls in love with, he decides to ask his friends for help on how to deal with her.

The Change-Up movie

It is one of the best foreign films in the comedy field. Where its events revolve around two friends who happen to have a miracle, which is to change their souls so that each one of them takes the life of the other. To live the details of his life and its problems, one of them is married and the other is single, and each envy the other’s life until things change.

The movie Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls

This movie is also a great movie. Where the comic events revolve around a former detective who is lucky and finds a rare white bat of African blood, The detective is trying hard to hide this bat away from others.

The Dictator movie

It is one of the most beautiful comedy films, which tells the story of a dictator trying with all his might to maintain his rule so that his country does not turn into a democracy, The events of the film revolve in a light comedy framework.

Step Brothers movie

The film tells the story of Bernan and Dahl. And those who revolve among them comic situations while they are looking for a job, Meanwhile, the father of one of them decides to marry the mother of the other. So Bernan and Dale are forced to stay together in one room, To start between them funny situations.

Big Mommas movie: Like Father, Like Son

This film is one of the best films ever, as it tells the story of secret detective Lawrence, who is investigating a murder that took place in a girls’ school and in order to reach the culprit, he decided to disguise himself as a woman.

Film Borat

The film tells the journey of reporter Borat, who comes from Kazakhstan to the United States of America to shoot a documentary film, and in the process he goes through many wonderful comedic situations.

Dumb and Dumber . movie

This movie is one of the famous comedies, which tells the story of two friends Lloyd and Harry and the pursuit of a robbery gang who chase them in order to steal money from them after they travel to return a bag to a woman that she forgot at the airport.

Silver Linings Playbook movie

This movie falls under the list of romantic comedies that revolve around the life story of Pat, who spent a period of treatment for mental illness bipolar disorder, To go out and complete his treatment with Tiffany, who helps him to restore his life, She proposes him to participate in a dance competition.

Amelie movie

It is also in the category of romantic comedies. Where the events revolve around a girl who is misdiagnosed with a medical condition only to be told that she has a heart disease. So that her family members prevent her from going out and treat her in a special way that makes her crazy, Until her mother dies, after which the girl goes out to live her life normally.

The Other Woman movie

The events of the film revolve in a comic framework between three women who discover the betrayal of one man to them, as he is married to one and in love with the other, and befriends the third, so that they meet the three women and plan to take revenge on him. The movie was rated as one of the best comedy movies ever.

Clueless movie

The movie Clueless tells the story of a teenage girl who finds it difficult to adapt to her friends and the problems that occur with her. So she hires one of the girls in the school to help her overcome these problems and teach her a way to make friends, Meanwhile, he talked to them about a group of many comic situations.

The Hangover movie

It is also one of the best foreign comedies. And its events revolve around 3 friends who go to attend a wedding for one of their friends, and before the wedding day they throw a bachelor party for him to wake up on the wedding day to find that the groom has completely disappeared, Even worse, they don’t remember any event from the night before.

Movie The Grand Budapest Hotel

It is an action comedy movie. It tells the story of a writer who goes to a hotel for a vacation alone to get acquainted during his vacation with the owner of the hotel, who has a conversation about the life story of each of them.

Deadpool movie

This movie is considered one of the best foreign action comedy films. It revolves around a superhero whose strength was gained through medical experiments. And this hero works to save people in a comic and satirical way.

Murder Mystery movie

The film revolves around a couple who decide to go on a journey to renew their married life. Meanwhile, they get involved in various events until they get involved in a murder.

The Other Guys movie

The events of the film revolve around two mismatched detectives trying to advance in their work and find an opportunity to be among the top policemen. Meanwhile, he spoke to them many situations when things went against what they had planned.

Due Date movie

The film tells the story of a father with a strong personality who is forced to go with an actor on a trip in order to arrive in time for the birth of a child. While walking together on the road, funny situations occur between them.

Let’s Be Cops movie

Two friends go to a masquerade party dressed as cops and during the party they find themselves facing real gangsters and have to deal with the situation as real cops.

The movie Mr. Bean’s Holiday

It is a film by the wonderful Mr. Bean who goes on a trip to Cannes, Here, he finds a boy lost from his father, and Mister Bean tries to bring him back to his father.

Here we finish our article in which we presented our nominations through our list of the best foreign comedies of all time, We hope that we have compiled for you a list of those films that you also like, We wish you a pleasant viewing full of laughter.