Best site to watch foreign movies without ads

The love of foreign films is very common among people, and this is due to the interesting story that exists in this type of film, as well as its excellent visual effects, The search is for the best sites that allow watching foreign films without advertisements so that all people can watch movies without many interruptions due to advertisements.

Best sites to watch foreign movies without ads

One of the obstacles that movie-watchers have been facing in recent times is the large number of advertisements appearing on the front of many movie sites when watching online without downloading it to their device. This destroys the fun of the experience, especially if you watch subtitled foreign films online. As you will not be able to understand many of the events that the site’s advertisements covered.

For this, Sites that enable viewers to watch foreign films without ads have become the most competitive and popular with fans of subtitled films in particular. In this article, we have collected for them the best foreign movie sites that provide an enjoyable viewing experience without ads, Among those sites are:

netflix site

One of the world’s most famous sites for showing foreign films and series, It also enjoys high popularity among anime movie sites , and the site displays films for the production company NETFLIX, which are exclusive series that do not exist anywhere else as their presentation is exclusive on the site.

But in order for anyone to use the site, he must subscribe to it in return for paying some money, It is possible to subscribe to the site in more than one subscription, they are (regular subscription, and premium subscription).

The fees for each of the two subscriptions we mentioned are symbolic and most of those interested can pay it when they need to watch foreign films online without ads.


It is an Arab movies and series site whose owners and their ilk pirate movies and series using specialized dredging mechanisms to re-present these series and movies on their own sites. But the site managed to occupy a very large percentage of popularity in the Arab world, This is because he uploads exclusive movies and series that cannot be found on any other site. Or at least display it before other competitor sites.

It is a free movie and series site, so you do not have to subscribe to it for a fee so that you can watch movies or series through it. As it ranks as one of the best movie sites that allow movie shows online without many ads that boring viewing, Unlike many other sites to download movies and series .

Cinema 4You website

It is one of the sites of Arab films and series, which is characterized by the presence of many films on it, as well as foreign, Arab and Turkish series, as well. There is a large library of cartoon films on it, and it also displays subtitled and dubbed films so that the viewer can see the film or series in the way he prefers.

The site allows you to watch your favorite movie or series without many misleading ads like some other sites, The ads will be for a few seconds before the start of the movie or series that you intended to watch online via the site. In addition, these features are available for free without subscription or paid registration on the site.

web site spiders

It is one of the oldest movie sites that show foreign films on it. The site is not only specialized in foreign films, but it also offers live broadcasts to many satellite stations, and this is not available on other sites, Also, the site does not contain annoying ads despite its old design and does not need to pay any financial subscriptions to access it.

Ad break site

One of the famous movie sites in the Arab world, especially Egypt. As the state closed the EGYBEST website in 2019, this website was the haven for Egyptian viewers, The site does not contain multiple advertisements and does not need to pay any subscription in order to view any content on it.

There are a lot of movies and series on the site, whether foreign or Arabic, Foreign films shall be translated into Arabic .

You can choose one of these sites when you are bored with the abundance of annoying ads on other movie watching sites and resort to one of our collection that we presented in our article as the best sites to watch foreign films and series without the dense and annoying ads.