Theqa.Reviews: The Proper Guide to Start Trading Licensed Brokers

“Theqa.Reviews” has successfully managed to be a name that reserves its place among the best stock, forex or digital trading sites, As it keeps pace with the evaluations and news of all financial companies licensed by the legal capital market authority that each of those companies are affiliated with, It publishes any complaint submitted by investors.

What is Theqa.Reviews platform?

Theqa.Reviews is a platform that was established by a group of trading experts with many investment experiences on the ground to devote their experiences and expertise in a mission that they consider sublime and worthy of attention, Which is to help the novice trader and offer an evaluation of each trading company in all countries, In the same context, it presents the names of the best digital currency trading platforms in Saudi Arabia and other countries. Which was the beginning of the idea of establishing the basic platform, which is to guide the investor to reliable trading platforms and companies and educate him about fake platforms and scam trading companies.

Thiqa site for evaluating trading companies is one of the most important stock analysis sites because it is characterized by a number of strengths, as the site is interested in presenting a daily follow-up of all stock trading with clarification of the changes that occur constantly within the stock market to help investors through daily access to updates in the financial market first, The site also provides detailed analyzes of all trading companies and Saudi institutions that are heavily dealt with in the stock market and financial trading. The site communicates with the official authorities in order to detect frauds, confront fictitious companies, and provide a secure environment for Arab investors and traders.

Theqa platform tips on how to choose stock trading Brokers

There are bases by which one can learn how to choose the best stock purchase company among a very large number of international companies, and they are as follows:

  • Find out company trends by looking at earnings growth.
  • Comparing the chosen trading company with the rest of its competitors at the same level.
  • Analyzing the company’s position within the financial market and knowing its strength among competitors and its ability to develop and succeed.


The platform was launched with a humanitarian goal at first, And it developed itself after many parties provided it with financial and moral support, as an expression of their appreciation for the exemplary and lofty idea that was created by the experts of the Thiqa platform. Which is built on the principle of protecting investors from fake trading companies and platforms that are not licensed by the Saudi Capital Market Authority (CMA) or other globally recognized official financial supervisory bodies. As the British Control and Licensing Authority “FCA” .