Top 8 subtitled Hindi movies released in recent years

Indian drama and cinema have a large group of followers around the world, And the viewers were not only limited to Indians, So, we have collected for you a distinguished collection of the best Indian films, So that you can enjoy watching it and spend quality time with your family.

Best Hindi Comedies and Romance

My Name Is Khan movie “Production: 2010”

My Name Is Khan is a famous Bollywood movie released in The film revolves around a young man named Khan Muslim who suffers from autism. After the death of his mother, he goes to the United States to live with his only brother named “Zakir”, after which Khan meets an Indian girl and a strong friendship develops between them. But this girl has a son with her ex-husband who lives with her and Khan loves him very much.

Events develop after the destruction of the World Trade Center towers in New York, with the death of his girlfriend’s son. due to the occurrence of terrorist acts in the region, And the Indian girl continues to grieve, But Khan wants to relieve her grief and help her in any way possible, so the girl asks him to help her by going to the American president, To talk to him about issues related to the affairs of Muslims in America.

From here, their relationship with some of the friendship developed into a very strong love relationship, and the romantic events in the film continue between them.

The film is considered one of the most beautiful translated Indian films, whose dramatic events vary between action and romance. And in a few, including some comic situations.

Action heroes:

  • Shahrukh Khan.
  • Kajol.
  • Sheetal Menon.

The film Pari “Produced: 2018”

Bari Hindi movie is one of the best and most famous Hindi romantic films. It is among the series of Indian subtitled films released in 2018. It is two separate parts that revolve around a girl who lives alone in her home in a faraway land and has no friends other than the dogs that shelter them. But there are evil people who chase her by doing a work of black magic to her, which causes her terror through nightmares or terrifying forms that appear to her during her daily life.

Barry’s life continues to fall apart due to black magic. As they chase her, she enters one of the houses next to her on the way while she is running. In this house lives a handsome and brave young man who listens to her story and takes her home and helps her get rid of these harmful acts so that she can regain her life and activity normally. In the second part, the relationship between them grows until it turns from friendship to strong love between them. The idea of the film is to explain the effects of black magic on people’s lives and their destruction.

Action heroes:

  • Anushka Sharma.
  • Rajat Kapoor.
  • Parambhrata Chattu Badhyay.

Dangal film “Production: 2016”

Dangal is one of Juliod’s most popular translated films. Which was released in the year 2001. The film revolves around a farmer named Mahavir Singh Bhagat. This man has two young girls and they live with their father and mother on his small farm. They go to school and play with young children in their small village. But one day, while the two girls were playing, they started arguing with two other kids and beat them so fiercely to defend themselves, Then their father learns about it and sees how strong they are in combat.

After that, an idea came to the farmer’s mind, which is to teach his daughters the art of fighting and wrestling. Because he is originally a wrestler and trains them in his rank and provides them with full support to qualify them for a gold medal in the Olympics, While the people of the village are angry at this matter and are alienated from him because he makes his daughters fighters and this is something that is not acceptable in their village, It is not one of their habits, so many criticisms and bullying follow him and his daughter. Yet Mahavir did not refrain from his goal, Until the day of the final qualifiers comes and his two daughters win the gold medal and outperform the boys.

Action heroes:

  • Aamir Khan.
  • Fatima Sana Sheikh.
  • Sakshi Tanwar.

Pyaasa movie “Production: 1957”

Byasa Hindi movie is an old movie dating back to 1957 that revolves around a poor poet called “Vijay” who lives in a small village, Every day he would recite his poems to the people of his village. but they didn’t want to hear it, At that time, Vijay meets a beautiful prostitute named “Gulabu”, who loves him and admires his poems. One day Vijay was returning to his village and on his way found a poor man shivering from the cold who gave him his coat. In the morning the townspeople found a body they thought was Vijay’s. Here is the news that he died. Gulabo publishes and prints all of her poems and is admired by many readers. She wished that Vijay lived to see his success, thinking that he had died, as was common in his country. After becoming famous, Vijay returns to Gulabu again and continues his success.

Action heroes:

  • Mala Sinha.
  • Haida Rahman.
  • Guru Dutt.

Slumdog Millionaire movie “Production: 2008”

Slumdog Millionaire is one of the most powerful subtitled romantic Hindi films , and it was first released in 2008.

The film revolves around a poor teenage boy living in Mumbai who has had a girlfriend since his childhood. But due to his poverty, she was separated and became a tramp on the streets of Mumbai. One day, by chance, he sees an advertisement for a contest who will win a million and submit in it. And he continues in the playoffs until he can win the million, But some competitors accuse him of cheating and lying, and he wins them on his merits until he becomes a millionaire. After that, he searches for his old girlfriend until he finds her, and their love story returns crowned with marriage.

Action heroes:

  • Frida Pinto.
  • Saurabh Shukla.
  • Dave Patel.

Film Lagaan Once Upon a Time in India “Production: 2001”

Once upon a time is an Indian movie with subtitles, produced by Bollywood, released in 2001, and its events date back to the British occupation of India, when the British were imposing taxes on simple farmers, A poor peasant rebelled against this injustice inflicted upon them. And the British colonial man was a hero obsessed with cricket, It is offered to the simple farmer that he will hold a competitive match between them in cricket, and if the farmer wins in this competition, he will exempt them from paying taxes.

The farmer accepts this offer even though he does not know anything about this athlete. However, he continues to research and train until the day of the competition comes and he can beat the British man in cricket, He and all the people of his village are exempted from paying taxes.

Action heroes:

  • Aamir Khan.
  • Gracie Singh.
  • Raghuvir Yadav.

Film MUMBAI MERI JAAN “Production: 2008”

Mumbai is an Indian action movie with subtitles. It is a Bollywood production, its first show was in 2008, the events of the film revolve around the terrorist acts that India was subjected to in 2006 in Mumbai, Where there was a group of terrorists who frightened people and killed children, women and the elderly by bombing hospitals and hotels, burning trains with passengers, The events of the film continue to display the courage of the resistance heroes. And the Indian police to overcome those bombings.

Action heroes:

  • Irrfan Khan.
  • Kay Kay Menon.
  • Barish Rawal.

Film Idiot “Production: 2009”

Idot is a social comedy film produced by Bollywood. It revolves around three friends who joined the College of Engineering and always dealt with humor and lightness of spirit with their professors. And their colleagues and the dean of the college notice this and he always encouraged them, Their lives continued with their fun and humorous talk until the day of the graduation party came and they graduated from the university. And then their third friend breaks up with them and they don’t know anything about him and they continue throughout the film to search for him, Even people thought they had lost their minds, In the end, they meet their friend, and life returns as it was, and their strong friendship continues.

Action heroes:

  • Mona Singh.
  • Aamir Khan.
  • Madhavan.

Here we end our article in which we touched on a group of the most powerful Indian films ever. Which was launched with translation to present wonderful stories, the events of which include various interesting situations, ranging from comedic and romantic, or action.