Best Will Smith movies

He was described by Newsweek as the most powerful actor in Hollywood. Because he is skilled in his acting performance and his good choice of roles in films, in addition to that he is not only good at acting, but also has a talent for singing and playing musical instruments. Our hero today is the international artist “Will Smith”, In this new article, we will give you the best Will Smith movies.

Best Will Smith movies

Will Smith has made many films in America. Since 1993 with the beginning of the movie The Six Degrees of Separation, which was the beginning of its fame, After that, the cinema received him with joint films, Until he arrived to carry an entire movie starring him, We will show the most famous and best films of Will Smith.

I Robot . movie

The story of the film is based on a novel by the Russian writer “Isaac Asimov” classified as a science fiction novel, Its events revolve around the world of robots who help humans in their life tasks. But the intentions of the robots may then change in wanting to replace humans with robots.

In addition to raising suspicion after the murder of a famous scientist in the robotics industry, So it’s Will Smith’s role as Detective Dale Spooner in revealing the killer and the undeclared intentions of the robots.

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As the novel was published in 1950, But the movie was made in 2004. Starring Will Smith, Bridget Moynahan, would you like, Bruce Greenwood, Produced by Davis Entertainment, Directed by Alice Proyas.

I’m Legend movie

It is one of the best Will Smith movies. Because he excelled in his acting performance, he is truly a legend. Which won the admiration of many people not only in America but the world, And many want to watch it without getting bored or tireless.

The film since 2007 starring Will Smith, Alice Braga, Charlie Tahan, Willow Smith, Its events revolve around the outbreak of an epidemic throughout the country or almost the entire world, Only Robert Neville, played by Will Smith, was left.

But then discover that there are other people in life, But then they turned and became close to mutants, As a result of their exposure to the epidemic and trying to get rid of them.

Focus . movie

Starring Will Smith as Nikki, Margot Robbie as Jess Bate, Rodrigo Santoro as Garriga and Adrien Martinez as Ferhat directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, The movie was shown in 2015.

Love always motivates change, whether it is positive or negative. And that’s what we find in this movie, The hero is a swindler and a con artist. Also, the heroine is a swindler but a rookie. And the hero trains her to be professional in the monument and in the meantime, Harmony and feelings begin to move in the heart of each of them and he falls in love with the other.

Seven pounds movie

The film won many awards, such as the American National Association for the Development of Colored People Award, Because it is the best movie. The film revolves around an investigator in the tax administration, Because of his job, he caused the death of 7 people, This made him feel guilty and remorseful.

So he decided to help 7 people who have problems in their lives. But fate wills that he fall in love with someone who helps them. The events of the film continue in an interesting way.

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The film was shown in 2008. starring will smith, Rosario Dawson, Michael Haley, Barry Pepper, Directed by Gabriel Muccino, It is produced by Scott Rudin.

Concussion movie

The movie was shown in 2015. Starring Jojo Mbatha Rho as Prima Mutsu, and David Morris as Mike Webster, Alec Baldwin as Julian Biles, It is directed by Peter Landman.

Quoted from a true story, The film revolves around an anatomist who specializes in neurosurgery. Bennett and Malwa claim, He dissects corpses in a different way than the rest of his colleagues, Where he tries to hear the dead to discover what happened to them.

Later he came across an autopsy on the body of a soccer player, He discovered that the cause of death was a large number of ball hits in the brain. led to death, and when he wanted to publish his research he was threatened, But years later he was honored for his research.

Hancock movie

This movie is classified as a fantasy, action and science fiction movie. Where Will Smith plays the superhero and savior, who works for a security agency in America, Where he performed many missions, but with each mission wasted a lot of billions, which led to a heavy loss.

This resulted in people hating him and keeping them away from him. And once he saved a PR expert, In return, he wanted to improve his image in front of people again. Until they became friends and the expert invited him home, He meets his son and his wife, who does not want the superhero to keep a secret within her.

The movie also stars Charlize Theron. Jason Bateman, John Galecki, Directed by Peter Berg. The movie was shown in 2008. It was liked by many people.

Hitch movie

Best comedy and romance will smith movies. introduced in 2005, Starring Will Smith, and Eva Mendes, Amber Valletta, Kevin James, It is directed by Andy Tennant.

Where the events of the film revolve around a young man who understands the love relationships between a man and a woman, It trains young people on how to identify girls. and making dates, But his girlfriend discovers the nature of his work, And he gets into trouble with her in a comical way.

The movie Men in Black

Co-starring Tom Lee Jones with Will Smith, It is classified as a crime, thriller and adventure movie. About a seemingly simple crime about residents who live in the land but have other schemes.

Detective “Jean”, played by Will Smith, discovers that there is an evil conspiracy behind the crime. By a strange being transformed into a beautiful woman and model who plots to take over the country.

In addition, the film is a series that includes 3 parts, of men in black, premiere 1997 While the second show in 2002, The third part in 2012.

Independence Day movie

The Will Smith Alien movie is one of the best Will Smith movies. released in 1996, Written and directed by Roland Emmerich, It also co-stars in the movie Will Smith with Bill Pullman, and Jeff Goldblum, Vivica Fox, Margaret Cullen.

The film is also classified as a science fiction and thriller movie. The events of the film revolve in an interesting way. Since there are spaceships present in Earth’s atmosphere, Cause great chaos in the security communications to the ground.

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So the US armed forces are trying to confront that danger, Through an alien scientist who reveals the mastermind plan of aliens, who are trying to occupy the planet.

Bad Boys movie

One of the best Will Smith action movies. comprising a set of parts, It gained huge popularity and audience. The film revolves around drug investigators. doing some errands, But each of them have a different character and personality.

Investigators are tasked with seizing a drug shipment worth $100 million. In just 72 hours, In addition, the film stars Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Vanessa Hudgens, Paula Nunez, It is directed by Bilal Falah and Adel Al Arabi.

In the end, If you are a fan of Will Smith and have watched some of his films? Now it is available for you to watch the best Will Smith movies that are fun and exciting when watching.