How to open a bank account online step by step

The process of opening a National Bank account has become online possible for many clients, This was done by the bank to make it easier for customers who want to open accounts in the bank and do not have time to wait in one of the bank’s branches to complete the order. The Corona virus crisis has also contributed greatly to the banks’ tendency to find alternative solutions for customers so that they can obtain special services from the bank without having to go to the branch and wait for a long time.

How to open a bank account online

You can open any of the different accounts that are in the National Bank of Egypt when you follow the following steps:

Fees for different account opening operations in Al-Ahly Bank

No bank account can be opened without paying its own fees. These fees vary according to the type of account to be opened. Those fees are:

  • The savings account is opened with fees ranging from 30 to 50 Egyptian pounds.
  • Current account The fees for the slot range from 25 to 50 Egyptian pounds.

If the customer wants to obtain an ATM card, this is possible and the fees for him do not exceed 30 Egyptian pounds. This amount is also paid to obtain a check book or request its bank statement.

Advantages of opening a current account in Al-Ahly Bank

Many people resort to opening a current account in the bank because of the advantages of this type of account, which are:

  • A check book can be obtained upon opening this account after you submit the application to the bank.
  • This account provides the possibility to obtain a direct debit card that enables the customer to purchase online, As well as make him can withdraw the sums that Erdeha.
  • This account is also in foreign currencies, which makes its client get a very high return.

Advantages of opening a savings account in Al-Ahly Bank

The savings account has a large base of clients who prefer it and this is because:

  • This account helps the customer to transfer money abroad easily as well as get money from abroad.
  • The customer has complete freedom in the method of disbursing the return.
  • If this account was opened in a foreign currency, the return will be annual.
  • When this account is opened in the local currency, the return is monthly. The customer can choose to have a semi-annual, quarterly or even an annual return.

Therefore, many advantages can be obtained by simply opening an Al-Ahly Bank account online , whatever type of account you have chosen.