best foreign fighting movies

Fighting movies are one of the most sought after action movies . It is characterized by showing the physical strength of the film’s heroes as well as showing strength and speed, which makes the viewer feel as if he is the hero.
The first martial arts movie was produced at the beginning of the last century. Martial arts films are based on extreme sports such as Karate and Kung Fu.

If you are a fan of foreign action and fighting movies, Follow our article in which we offer you the most and best of these fun and suspenseful fighting movies to watch in your spare time.

The strongest and most amazing foreign fighting movies ever

Ip Man . movie

The film revolves around a martial arts teacher, a biographical film based on a martial arts instructor who was Bruce Lee’s first teacher, The film tells the role of a martial artist during Japan’s invasion of China. Where the martial arts instructor left the city with a group of people to teach them martial arts to fend for themselves.
The film is directed by Wilson Yip
The movie stars Donnie Yen. Simon Yam, And Seo Wong Fan

Ong-Bak movie: Muay Thai Warrior

The film narrates the events of the theft of the Buddha statue and an attempt to recover it by a hero who is skilled in martial arts, Where the loss of the Buddha statue caused a drought in the city due to the cessation of rain, The hero seeks to recover the statue, and for that he faces many dangers, which he faces.
The film is directed by Pracia Benqo
Starring Tony Jaa, Bechtai Wongcamlaw, and Bumware Yodkamol

Ip Man 2 movie

This is the second part of the movie of the same name. As he continues to tell the story of the martial arts teacher, Urges the teacher to travel to Hong Kong in order to spread martial arts, It also establishes a martial arts school. While establishing the school, he faces a big problem with the owner of another school. The dispute ends after a match is decided between them to prove the merit of each of them.
The film is directed by Wilson Yip
The film also stars Donnie Yen. and Xiaoming Huang, Samo Kam Bo Hong

Hero movie

The film tells the story of the Emperor of China, who is preparing the best fighter to defend him in his war against the Six Kingdoms. The fighter can eliminate three of the most famous killers in the world, Which makes the emperor proud of him and honor him.

  • Film Direction:
  • movie starring:

The film is directed by Zhang Yimou
The movie was starred by Jet Li. and Tony Chiu Wai Long, and Maggie Cheung

Best of the Best II . movie

The film tells of the deadly matches that take place in the Lower Fight Club, An evil martial arts master kills one of Grady’s friends, who vows to kill Brachos as he seeks to shut down the Lower Fight Club.

  • Film Direction:
  • movie starring:

The Guild, directed by Robert Radler
The film also stars Eric Roberts. and Philip Rey, and Chris Benn

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon movie

The film revolves around the theft of the green sword of fate from the warrior, who was on his way to save the sword in a safe place, And who seeks to retrieve it from his thief, and in the meantime, adventures and combat encounters occur.

  • Film Direction:
  • movie starring:

The film is directed by Ang Lee
It also starred Yun Fat Cho, and Michelle Yeoh, Wuzi Chang

The 36th Chamber of Shaolin movie

The film revolves around a brutal attack on a Chinese city, which prompted a group of opponents to establish a secret base to learn martial arts to defend themselves.

  • Film Direction:
  • movie starring:

The film is directed by Xia Liang Liu
The movie stars Xia Hui Liu. why lo, Xia Yong Liu

The movie Kung Fu Hustle

The events of the film revolve around the evil ax gang, And two men from a poor area with exceptional fighting abilities.

  • Film Direction:
  • movie starring:

The film is directed by Stephen Chu
The film stars Stephen Chou. Wah Yuen, And Kyu Yuen

Five Deadly Venoms . movie

The latest movie revolves around the greatest teacher, who was taught by five students. Each student of them learned a special art of martial arts, but the teacher discovered that among these students who cooperate with evil individuals, the teacher recommends one of his students to discover and kill the evil one.

  • Film Direction:
  • movie starring:

The film is directed by Shi Chang
The film starred Sheng Xiang, and Shin Sun, Philip Chung Fong Kook

Ninja movie: Shadow of a Tear

This movie was classified as the best fighting movie ever, as the movie revolves around a hero of martial arts and self-defense, who lost his family life in an attack by a villain, Which made him vow revenge.

  • Film Direction: Isaac Florentine
  • movie starring: Scott Adkins, and Ken Kosugi, and Mika Heiji

The movie Bloodsport

The story of the film revolves around the true story of Frank Doakes, An American soldier who had to fight in a secret arena in China, Despite the difficulty of the challenges and facing the biggest and most violent killers, he can qualify for the final.

Enter The Dragon movie

It is one of the best martial arts movies. Where the weak win and enable him to master the most dangerous types of martial arts.

Raze . movie

It is a horror action movie where a group of women are forced to take part in a fierce fight. Run away from him alive the most powerful.

Warrior . movie

It is an American sports movie that tells the story of Ahoyen who had to fight each other in a boxing competition, The film contains a set of scenes of fighting and self-defense.

Enter The Dragon movie

It is considered one of the best fighting films ever and is also very popular at the level of foreign films in general, Where Bruce Lee plays one of his most important roles, which has remained a milestone in his history, The film contains a large collection of fight scenes that show the wonderful martial arts performed by the most popular and attractive foreign film actors in the hearts of huge categories of movie followers.

Here we conclude our article on the names of the most famous and most interesting foreign fighting films for those who follow action and martial arts.