How to play PUBG Mobile on PC?

The PUBG game has become one of the best international games that have won the admiration of many users, as it is considered one of the most popular third-person war games for mobile at the present time. But many may wonder about how to download PUBG Mobile on the computer ? The answer is simply you will know it in this new article.

About PUBG Mobile for PC

The PUBG game is produced and developed by PUBG Corporation. It is a fighting and war game. Where the first Android version of the game was downloaded on December 20, 2017, And then I moved to the Xbox and it was available on smart devices running Android and iOS in 2018, and after the great spread on smartphones, the company developed a version for computers that is on the Steam store, but it is paid and requires payment for downloading it, however, the method that I will show you now Totally free.

Therefore, it raised many questions about how to play PUBG Mobile on the computer? And if it is difficult or easy and with the same stages and techniques found in phones or different, do not worry, there is no difference while playing on phones or computers, whether in shape or game ground, except for the graphics, which may differ from the phone and also on the computer, you will find in front of you a computer screen and the controls will be Mouse and keyboard which makes it better for beginners.

Explanation of downloading the game PUBG on the computer

We will give you the steps to download the game and how to play PUBG Mobile on the computer? With the easiest steps and without difficulty so you can play with all the fun.

  • Open the web page and type download GameLoop emulator, Enter the first result, and from the main page, press the word DOWNLOAD, and a file of 9 MB will be downloaded.
  • After downloading the emulator, start installing it. Note that it will take a long time at first but then it will work quickly.
  • Then from the main page of the emulator, search for the Pupg Mobail game using the search button at the top, then press the download button and wait for the game to load, The download time depends on your internet speed.
  • After downloading the emulator and downloading the game to your computer, Run the game and it will ask you to sign in with your Google, Facebook or Twitter account, Thus, you can create your character within the game like a smartphone.

How to play PUBG Mobile on PC?

  • game mode

How to play PUBG Mobile on PC? During the start of entering the first stage of the game, you can choose to play alone or with a team.

It also shows you the choice of playing against one person or a group of people, But it may be preferable to choose to play with a group so as not to die quickly, Because you are a beginner and you have to understand the game well, Each person in the group dies, the rest can continue playing or any member of the team revives them to come back to life again.

  • set location

After selecting the players, they are collected in a plane that travels according to a specific map. you decide where to play, When the plane arrives, you can jump, but be careful when jumping so that you don’t die as soon as you land.

In-game weapons

After getting off the plane, you can collect weapons to fight the enemies, The number of weapons in the game can be up to 21, And 38 other weapons may be added that you get through cash or reward, There are also other types such as shields and helmets, And also snipers, machine guns, pistols and AKM weapons.

  • game maps

The map and in-game sound are the most important winning factors. For through them it is possible to know the location of the enemy, Thus, you can know people close to you within the game.

  • money and gold

Gold and money can buy clothes, shoes and shirts, The coins also allow you to buy lucky chests, But it does not help you during the game.

  • war zones

You can choose the area in which you want to fight, But the area may be chosen randomly and you will have bad luck if you are in the bombing area, Because it is an area full of missiles.

  • training areas

In the new update, the game has set a special training area for 20 players, they can actually play for training, And also with the aim of interacting with friends and forming a team among them.

  • Game time duration

The game sets a specific time to play in a specific area and a maximum of 30 minutes on large maps and 15 minutes on small maps.

Features of PUBG Mobile for PC

  • The game develops quick reaction skills, and mental abilities.
  • Develop the skills of facing enemies, And increase self-confidence.
  • Focus on working with one team to achieve the goal.

Disadvantages of PUBG PC game

  • The game is characterized by suspense and excitement, which causes addiction to the players.
  • Preoccupation with the affairs and tasks of society and focus only on the game.
  • It increases violence and introversion due to the game’s fighting principle.

Information about downloading the game PUPG

  • Game size : 2 GB
  • Operating systems : Windows, Android, iOS
  • Game Developer : PUBG MOBILE
  • Random memory (RAM): Requires 3 GB RAM
  • CPU Processor : Dual 8GHz processor
  • Language : Supports Arabic, English and most international languages

Thus, you will be able to run PUBG Mobile on your computer with ease and in easy steps, Knowing that PUBG Mobile on the computer is not much different from the smartphone version, the only difference is that you will find yourself in front of a larger screen and better controls.