How to edit a pdf file from the phone

PDF is one of the most important types of files that are used in many things in life, such as work, documents, forms, resumes, and reading books. pdf files always look the same in terms of appearance and format, Regardless of the type of computer used to open it or the type of operating system that is running on the device used.

It is very easy to open pdf files but some may find it difficult to make modifications to them, Especially over the phone, without using a computer. Therefore, through this article, we offer you to modify the pdf file from the phone .

Edit pdf file from iPhone phones

Mark Up mode is supported by iOS, which will enable the user to modify the PDF file, Whether it’s through a file saved in the Books app or in emails.

5 applications to edit a pdf file from the phone

Editing pdf files does not have an editing tool on Android phones, The solution lies in the PDF editing applications, whether in the Google Play Store, Or the App Store.

There are many applications that you can download on your phone. And use it to modify PDF files, whether on “Android” or “iPhone” phones:

Adobe Fill & Sign App

The application is provided free of charge. Android users can download it from the Google Play Store. It is also available for iPhone and iPad users through the App Store.

Adobe Fill & Sign enables you to quickly fill out any PDF form using custom autofill options.

The application allows you to open a file directly from your email, All you have to do is tap to enter text or tags.

The application includes a profile that enables you to store information such as your address, and your email, This is to help you fill out forms more quickly.

Among the advantages of this application, During the modification process, the application automatically saves the modifications.

When you have finished making the modifications you want to the pdf file, you can send the file via e-mail, Or save it to Google Drive.

PDFelement app

PDFelement is available for free, Android users can download it from the Google Play Store. It is also available for iPhone and iPad users through the App Store.

If you want to increase your productivity by providing everything you need to read PDF files, and edit easily, As well as commenting on it, converting it and signing it during the movement, PDFelement will be the perfect choice for you.

This application has the advantage of enabling you to sign your forms by hand through the “Handwriting Recognition” feature, It also helps to change the font, color and size of the pdf file.

Among its advantages also, The ability to select a single line or paragraph, And enabling you to make several modifications to it, such as: Move, cut, copy and paste, or delete.

Xodo PDF Reader & Editor App

The application is provided free of charge. Android users can download it from the Google Play Store. It is also available for iPhone and iPad users through the App Store.

Xodo PDF Reader & Editor app features, Its ability to handle even the most complex PDF documents easily on all phones and tablets.

This application enables you to fill out PDF forms, as well as searching through documents, highlight text, add shapes, signatures, images, and text boxes, Plus other annotations.

The application is characterized by allowing cooperation between members of the work team, where each of them can add text notes and annotations, It also allows team members, Work on the same document over the Internet, It also happens in Google Docs.

File manager is an important feature provided by the application, Where you can select, copy, move, delete, rename folders or documents, The application also allows you to open Microsoft Word files, and excel, and PowerPoint, on the mobile phone, Read, comment and save as PDF.

The disadvantage of this application is that you cannot make modifications to the images and texts in the PDF file, But it just lets you add anything new to the file.

Foxit PDF Reader App

Foxit PDF Reader is freely available, Android users can download it from the Google Play Store. It is also available for iPhone and iPad users through the App Store.

You can also subscribe within the application, In order to get many additional features, Where the application provides advanced features according to the value of the subscription, Including exporting, editing and protecting PDF files, And other features.

Foxit PDF Reader is available for mobile, tablet, web and desktop versions with a single subscription. Plus free apps to view and add annotations to PDF files.

Foxit is the most popular application that allows you to edit pdf files from the phone. It supports ConnectedPDF feature, It is a leading technology that helps provide document intelligence and security services, Collaborate while working on PDF files.

Adobe Fill and Sign App

One of the most important advantages of the Adobe Fill and Sign application is to help you fill in the fields in the forms, This is what you may need when creating a resume or applying for a job. You can also sign documents and documents.

This application also enables you to easily format the data, Where you can change the font size, color, and font type itself.

The site also includes a magnifying glass, It enables you to set the cursor correctly when you want to fill in a specific field.

This app has a great feature, Where you can create a personal file that contains your necessary data such as your name, home address, email address and office address, So that when you fill out a new form, All this information is entered with a single click, helping to get your time done.

Kdan PDF Reader and Editor App

Kdan PDF Reader and Editor app, One of the best Android apps to edit PDF files. It is a free application, And you can get additional features by subscribing to the paid version.

you can read files, and add annotations to it, and edit them easily with just a few clicks in the app, It can also import documents from the phone’s storage, In addition to the ability to scan documents with ease.

Among the most important advantages of this application, Quickly save your newly created PDF files, Or save the changes you’ve made.

This application also provides you with a wide scope to modify the texts contained in the document, Include internal links, and import and export document, In addition to the ability to bookmark a specific page or section of the document.

The user interface in this application is characterized by simplicity and ease of use. There is also a magnifying glass to facilitate the user when dealing with blurred PDF files.

Thus, we have provided you with the most prominent applications that enable you to edit PDF files, which each have different features, Now you can choose any of them to try depending on the type of editing you want in the file.