Best real Disney movies for kids

After the success of the Disney cartoon, The company turned those versions of the cartoons into real films. Which was liked by everyone. There are also several films that have achieved resounding success upon their release.

real disney movies for kids

Among those Disney films:

Christopher Robin movie
The film revolves around a young man named Christopher who suffers from his monotonous and boring life. As he tries to adjust to his life, he meets his friend, Winnie the Pooh. Which helps him change his life and discover his passion.
The film was directed by Marge Foster
Starring Ewan McGregor, and Hayley Atwell, and Jim Cummings.

Dumbo movie
The film tells the story of Dumbo, who has been handed over to the circus since his birth. With time, everyone discovers that Dumbo has big ears that are larger than his size, which causes everyone to laugh at him, Until Dumbo discovers that he can fly with his ears, his life will turn around later.
The film was directed by Tim Burton
Starring Colin Farrell, and Michael Keaton, and Eva Green, And Danny DeVito.

Aladdin movie
This movie presents the live version of the famous cartoon Aladdin, which was first introduced in 1992. In the film, the cartoon is presented with the same idea and story, but in a lively way that is better than the cartoon.
The movie was directed by Guy Ritchie
The movie starred Mena Massoud. will Smith, Naomi Scott, Marwan Kinzari.

Mulan . movie
Everyone knows the famous cartoon Mulan, which presents the character of the heroine Mulan, who disguises as a warrior in order to join the army during the war instead of her father, accompanied by her little dragon, It is a legendary story taken from the Chinese heritage and was presented in the picture Life in the year 2020. After the production of a movie based on the famous cartoon.
The film starred Fei Liu, a Chinese actress.

Currella movie
The story of the famous spotted dogs, which we have seen a lot in many cartoons, is reproduced, The live-action film focuses on the evil character Currella as it tells the story of her life and youth until the day she decides to hunt down the spotted dogs for their fur.
The movie stars Emma Stone.

Maleficent movie
Angelina Jolie presents in this film a wonderful embodiment of the evil fairy, The film comes in two parts. The first part tells us the story of the deceit of the man she loves, in order for this man to cut her wings, Then Melfsant decided to take revenge on him and cast his spell on his infant daughter, so that she would die as soon as she reached the age of seventeen. Her father is forced to leave her in a remote place in the woods to be taken care of by the fairies so that she does not die, And with time, Melvicente became the one who takes care of that little one, only to discover that he loved her, to save her later and unite the kingdoms of humans and fairies.
As for the second part, the film focuses more on the life of Millicent and her world, as it shows the second war, but the evils of humans and the world of fairies.

Jungle Book movie
This movie is considered one of the best realistic movies that was taken from a cartoon for children. Which tells stories about the forest and the adventures that happen in it, and it tells the story of the boy who grew up in the forest and among the animals, The movie was praised by everyone when it was first shown.
The film was directed by Jon Favreau

Pinocchio . movie
The animated movie Pinocchio was rated as one of the best films in Disney history. Which encouraged the company to launch the live version of the cartoon and put it in international cinemas, It is noteworthy that the cartoon is taken from an international novel by writer Carlo Collodi.

Alice in Wonderland movie
The live version of the famous cartoon Alice in Wonderland achieved a resounding success upon its release in cinemas. It tells the story of Alice’s adventures, who chases some rabbits in a small room to be transported to Wonderland.
Starring in the movie, Johnny Depp. And Mia Wiskowska

Cinderella movie
It is also one of the most beautiful live films taken from a cartoon version, It achieved a resounding success when it was shown in the cinema. As he did before showing the cartoon version of it when he was credited with saving Disney from bankruptcy, It tells the story of a poor girl who marries a prince after suffering with her stepmother.
The film was directed by Kenneth Branagh
It also starred Lily James and Cate Blanchett.

The movie Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast is the first cartoon to be nominated for an Oscar in 1991. It tells the story of a beautiful girl who is held captive by a monster in his castle, And with days the beauty loves this beast, The cartoon adopts the idea of love and loyalty, The cartoon was made into a live version of the movie of the same name in 2017.
The film stars Emma Watson and Dan Stevens.

The Lion King movie
The cartoon tells the death of the king of the jungle at the hands of his brother, who convinces the son of King Simba that he is the one who killed his father and that he must escape, To leave Simba the kingdom to his evil uncle, Simba meets two friends, Timon and Pumbaa, who educate him and raise him until he grows up. He then returns to his kingdom to fight his evil uncle and restore his kingdom.
And the same story was converted without change into a live version, and although it did not achieve the expected success, it was one of the beautiful films that was presented in a real way.

The movie Mary Poppins Returns
It is a musical film based on the Mary Poppins children’s story series. Which was presented to us in the live version in 2018, To present us with a wonderful film about the nanny Mary Poppins, who helps children to have a happy life, In this film, she restores happiness to the Banks family using her magic tricks.
The film stars Emily Blunt, Colin Firth, and Meryl Streep.