The cost of designing an application for the iPhone

Have you decided to design an application for the iPhone? This is the right decision. But have you made a plan for you to design the app? If the attractive is not, do not worry, because in this article we will show you how to design an application for the iPhone and we will also show you the expected cost of designing an application for the iPhone?

How to design an app for iPhone

  • Make a marketing study with a comprehensive idea of all the goals you want to achieve after creating the application, Also, that idea and the initial plan limit the competitors, Especially when you are designing unique and efficient.
  • When designing the application, it is necessary to choose a distinct interface with a creative touch, It is distinguished from competitors by its comfortable and pleasing colors, This will gain customers and increase the number of app downloads.
  • After that comes the application programming stage with its features, and features and uses of the application, Using the latest technology that facilitates the use of the application.
  • You can also choose the features of the application to be tested, If it is effective and efficient in use, By making sure of the application programming steps.
  • And the last step is after making designs and trying all the features, In addition to paying the cost of designing an application for the iPhone, You can upload it to the App Store, According to the search criteria that ensures that the application will appear on the App Store.

The cost of designing an application for the iPhone

We cannot put the cost of designing an application for the iPhone with a specific number, Because there are standards that control the cost of the application, These standards differ from one person to another, for example; Choosing the company that does the design, app size, tasks and functions that you add to the application, Besides, there are other factors that control the cost of designing an iPhone app.

  • Type of application : When you decide to design the application, you are faced with two options; Dealing with small companies that have limited functionality and features, but the cost is not high, or dealing with large companies that design the application on quality, from databases, images and sounds.
  • If you want to add some features to the app, like 3D video games, You need to register a player and make lists and links for the game, In addition to the GPS feature, all of this needs more complex programming in its design within the application.
  • Company budget: You should focus on the company’s budget in choosing high-quality features, Provided that the cost is average, Therefore, you have to agree to the budget presented to you.
  • Implementation tasks: There are two types of applications; A simple application that does not cost a lot of money, A complex application that requires high amounts of money and in return brings an imaginary profit, It is necessary to choose and specify the goal of the application and the target audience in order for the design to fit and interact with it.
  • There are features that affect the cost such as creating a control panel that allows the user to manage the application, In addition to the application support for data recording and maps feature, In addition to recording the customer’s opinion of the service provided.
  • Cloud databases : Supporting the application Cloud databases strengthen the application, by protecting the databases from being hacked, in addition to increasing the value of the application.
  • Application marketing services : Your choice of design company must market your application, and spread it in all social media through the latest methods, in order to increase the profits of the application and the number of downloads, and the design company has a percentage of the profits.

iPhone app design pricing

We can roughly determine the cost of designing an iPhone app, But it was not the real or fixed cost because it varies from person to person and also varies according to your needs, As previously shown, prices vary according to design criteria.

The cost of creating a global application

  • The basic app cost starts around $2,500. While applications of medium complexity range between $ 000-70,000, If the applications are more complex, it exceeds $70,000.

The cost of creating an application for Arab countries

  • The cost of designing the application in the Arab countries ranges between 7-15 dollars per hour. Because the application is characterized by the speed that makes it spread in just one week.
  • In the event that the application has several characteristics that differ from competitors, Its cost can range between 15-30 dollars per hour, It may need weeks or a month maximum.

Moreover, the cost of designing an application for the iPhone varies from country to country  In North America we find $150 an hour, while South America 43 dollars, The UK is $70. Australia 110, India 30, Indonesia 11, Eastern Europe $35.

iPhone app design software

There are programs specialized in creating an application design for the iPhone, Instead of using programming languages that some have difficulty dealing with, One of the most prominent of these programs.


One of the best applications that suit companies and businessmen in application design, Besides, the program is characterized by strong reservation, and GEO listings, Marketing and integration of the program with social networking sites. It also provides notifications and analytics for each user, In addition, the cost of designing an application for the iPhone is appropriate for the owner of the application.


It is one of the programs that contribute to creating the application design because it works on HTmL.5 documents, Like a web page, The program is also suitable for corporate use, and ordinary people, Because it is suitable for water and is easy to use.


One of the best applications that help you design an application for the iPhone, Although the program from India is characterized by many characteristics, Notably the ease of use, Convenience and simplicity in dealing with the program, The interface of the program also features fields of children because it is designed for ordinary people, not companies.

In addition to creating a fitness app, and set birthdays to remind you of it, It also features marketing and business methods on social media.

Your choice to design the iPhone application, You have to know all the special details, including the cost of designing an application for the iPhone that provides security and ease within the application, This is what we presented in the article.