Download the Hungerstation driver app

The search rates for how to download the Hungerstation driver application have increased because it has become one of the best applications that are used to deliver orders to homes, Also, with the precautionary measures that were recently taken to control the spread of the new Corona virus, the value of the application and its importance in obtaining food from the place you want, no matter what, has emerged.

What is the Hungerstation application?

Hungerstation App is an application that is loaded on smart phones and used to order food such as food, drinks and desserts from the restaurant you want and have it delivered to you to your door in just minutes, The application is also available to download from the Google Play Store for Android. And for iPhone without any fees, It can also be downloaded to the computer. And the application serves all parts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, It is available in Bahrain.

The HungerStation application enjoys great reviews from its users, as they describe it as a fast application in delivering orders in good condition and delivering hot food, The application also has a simple user interface that is easy to use and order through with ease without experience in dealing with the program.

The most important feature of the Hungerstation driver application

There are many advantages of the Hungerstation application besides being a completely free application and easy to use and order through it in a few minutes, Among its most prominent advantages are the following:

  • The application supports dealing with a large number of restaurants within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, up to ten thousand restaurants.
  • The application covers multiple regions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and within the State of Bahrain, It supports more than seventy regions.
  • The application provides a Live Chat feature, through which customers can communicate with the restaurant, submit complaints and solve problems they face.
  • The app has daily updates to improve its performance and fix any issues users face.
  • It provides a job opportunity for those looking for a delivery business by registering an application to join as a delivery representative.
  • It allows various methods of payment through credit cards or cash on delivery.
  • Saves time and effort by ordering food without having to go out of the house.
  • The application offers a range of offers and discounts that some different restaurants provide through it.
  • The request can be deleted and sent back before confirmation.
  • Your order can be changed or modified before it reaches you.

How to download the Hungerstation driver app

Download the HungerStation application through the Google Play Store for Android from here , and from the App Store for iPhone from here 5, After downloading it, start installing it on your phone. Then open the application and click on register a new account and after entering your data such as name, phone number and email and then set the password, The application will send you a confirmation code on your mobile number or e-mail, and after confirming it, you can activate the account on Hungerstation.

Start by choosing your place of residence so you can decide which restaurant you want to choose food from, The application will show you the menu available for the restaurant you have chosen, And start choosing your favorite meals and the application will send your order directly to the restaurant, Before confirming your order, you will be shown the order price, and after confirmation, the representative will deliver the order to your place of residence quickly.

Register in the Hungerstation app as an agent

The Hungerstation application provides a golden opportunity for anyone looking for a job, By registering your request to join work as a delivery representative, But the following conditions must be met:

  • Provide the national ID number.
  • Obtaining a driver’s licence.
  • Owning a private and licensed car.

By following the following steps, after fulfilling the previous conditions, you can become a representative in the Hungerstation driver application:

  • Your data is filled in from your name, phone number, e-mail and residence address.
  • Enter your driver’s license and national ID number, and choose your bank.
  • After registration, your account will be activated and you can wait to be notified of a response to your request with approval or rejection.
  • In the event that your request to join the HungerStation team to deliver orders is approved, You will download the Mandoob app and enter your name and passcode to receive delivery orders.

Advantages of working as a representative at Hungerstation

Working through the Hungerstation application does not require you to allocate a specific time, All you have to do is launch the Hungerstation delegate app and receive orders, Since working as a delivery representative does not require full-time work or disrupt you from your main work, To download the Roadrunner app for Android from here , for iPhone from here .

Guidelines for working as a representative with Hungerschen

You must follow a number of tips and instructions through which you can continue as a delivery representative in HungerStation and not have your account suspended, Among the most important instructions are the following:

  • It is forbidden to deliver orders using motorcycles because it is against the government system, In case of violating the order, the representative will be fined five thousand riyals.
  • A daily record of the delegate’s body temperature must be kept, because in the event of a high temperature, he must refrain from delivering orders and staying at home.
  • It is not necessary to stay away from work and interrupt for thirty consecutive days so that the contract with the HungerStation application company is not terminated.
  • When the number of delivery requests you have delivered is less than 15 within a week, your account will be suspended for seven days.
  • Delivery requests should not be rejected, and if three requests are rejected during one day, your account will be disabled for a whole day.

The driver can download the Hungerstation application and enjoy ordering various meals from various restaurants in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain without having to leave the house, Also, anyone looking for a job can get a job in record time, The application provides a technical support service to receive problems through the number 920010177 or through the application.