How do I download games on my computer?

As a matter of entertainment and leisure, many users of modern technology resort to playing online through online game sites , or to download games on mobile devices and computers, but one of the boring problems is that one of the symptoms that prevents downloading games appears.

How to download games on the computer

When the user resorts to downloading games, he is surprised by one of the problems in downloading the games, Which are summarized in:

  • Inability to access the requested game through search, It is one of the problems that are not caused by the device itself.
  • Refusal to download the game and download it to the device, Either because of a defect in the device and the software on it, Or the game is not compatible with the computer.
  • The lack of software that the game needs to have on the computer.

All these problems have many solutions. There are often no problems to download the game, Especially in modern devices and modern games, As they are often programmed to be ready to download those games.

How to download games on your computer step by step

  1. Do a Google search for the game you want to download. And choose the desired result from among the search results.
  2. Know the requirements for installing the game on your device, Is the device compatible with it, is it safe that it needs programs to download it? Or is the game completely unsuitable for downloading?
  3. If you make sure the game is compatible with your device, Choose to download online to your device. And follow the instructions given to you by the game and the download steps.

Best sites to download games

If you encounter the problem of difficulty searching for a game and not finding results for it, One of the most prominent solutions is to go to famous sites known for the large number of games on them to download, You will often find by searching for what you want from the games, Among those sites are:

Acid Play’s website

  • Acid Play allows you to get the desired game, Because it contains nearly nine hundred popular and sought-after games, It also displays the most ancient games.
  • The site accompanies the games it offers with the opinions provided by visitors and users of the game.


  • The site contains about 4650 games.
  • Contains free games.
  • Includes light and soft toys.
  • The site accompanies games with ratings of the games on the site.

Website link:

Mega Games site

  • The site offers free games.
  • It contains a large number of games that are compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux systems.

Website link: . website

  • It is characterized by rendering games with superior accuracy.
  • It offers games in a suitable size for downloading.
  • It includes a huge collection of electronic games.

Website link:

FreePCGamers site

  • It is one of the most famous and well-known sites for downloading the best games.
  • The site divides the games by genre and choose your favorite one.
  • It offers popular and premium games for free to download on computers.

Website link:

Download emulator to download games

If you want to play PUBG for example, You may be surprised that your computer does not support this game and does not accept downloading it. as well as other games, Does this mean you give up the game and look for another that is compatible with your device and easy to download?

of course not, Because the matter can simply be solved through some well-known and famous programs called emulators, It facilitates the use of these games, One of these types of emulator is Tencent Gaming Buddy, Tencent is one of the latest programs that have been developed to facilitate downloading and enjoying games and one of the most powerful innovative emulators in the gaming world. So that players can play all their favorite electronic games, On any of the different devices or operating systems

In particular, this emulator was the reason for creating the PUBG game, However, it is not limited to a specific game. not even on a program, Rather, it is downloaded to your device to download any of the games and programs that the device does not accept to download directly.

Download tencent gaming buddy for PC

  • Open your favorite browser
  • On the site bar, write the name of the program tencent gaming buddy
  • Download it.
  • Open the downloaded file
  • Click Install.
  • After the download is finished, click on Start.
  • Log in with your email.
  • Or log in using your account on the social networking sites.

Its features:

  • The emulator supports both Chinese and English languages, Although the way to use it is easy.
  • The game can be installed and played without the need for any language or follow a specific language.
  • Once the program is installed, the program will install the game automatically without the need for any intervention.

tencent gaming buddy ID card

  • The name: tencent gaming buddy
  • Innovative company: tencent
  • the language: Many languages, including English and French
  • Application size: 10 MB
  • Application category: simulation, games
  • Operating systems: Windows – android
  • Application license: Complimentary
  • Latest version of the application:

Features of tencent gaming buddy

The program has many features that make you choose it over the rest of the emulators, These features are:

  • The program is multilingual so you can choose what you want from it
  • The program offers easy and simple simulation to users
  • The program is small in size. But its potential is huge.
  • It is one of the most popular programs that sync between smartphones and computers.
  • You can play the PUBG game with its different versions easily and for free.
  • It is constantly updated by the company.
  • The program is designed to fit all computers.
  • Possibility to play with keyboard and mouse.

Tencent gaming buddy components and benefits:

Before you download tencent gaming buddy for PC, You should familiarize yourself with several of its important characteristics:

Includes basic features

  • Tencent Gaming Buddy is an Android Emulator for easy playing PUBG game on PC.
  • The program supports both Chinese and English languages.
  • It helps to activate the PUBG game and others through a better screen, which is the computer screen, which was difficult to achieve before.
  • Once the program is installed, the lawyer will install the PUBG game automatically.

Control customization options

  • Like all other emulators for Android devices, It helps computers that were not running some mobile games through them to activate this feature, And play multiple Android games with ease on your computer.
  • Tencent Gaming Buddy is an exclusive emulator for PUBG Mobile only so far, It is easy to install and does not require a VPN or any special account creation.
  • The program does not need any download time and within a few seconds it is ready to run the game.
  • There are not many options in the program. It gives you control over the PUBG Mobile game, There are some other shortcuts supported by the program, such as switching ads, for example.

Support for low specification devices

Although it was released more than a year ago, tencent gaming buddy is still, It has problems and needs improvements. But it did not prevent computer users from enjoying electronic games on their devices.

Matching with the famous PUBG game

  • There is no room for cheating or cheating with tencent gaming buddy, On your computer you will compete against others in the game and beat them.
  • It offers you many of the most exclusive gameplay modes.

Disadvantages of tencent gaming buddy

The disadvantages of tencent gaming buddy are limited, On only two points:

  • It takes a long time to download and install.
  • Dependence of the graphic on the device’s capability.
  • Installed on it must be high and good.
  • Hacking is still going on. However, the developer is working hard to get rid of it faster.

How to use tencent gaming buddy

To use tencent gaming buddy:

  • After logging in with your email or through social networking accounts
  • Go to the My Games menu, Until you reach the downloaded electronic games.
  • If you do not have a set of electronic games installed, you can search and download them
  • Wait for the installation to complete
  • Start enjoying the game.