List of Top 10 International Spy Movies

Are you a fan of watching spy movies? Do you like movies that are full of suspense, mystery and action? Have you searched a lot for spy movies and intelligence, but did not find any benefit? We are here now to present you with a collection of the best action movies filled with global espionage events that give the viewers a sense of excitement and action.

The World’s 10 Best Spy Movies

Espionage and intelligence films are among the films that have gained great popularity in the world by the audience, Britain was the reason for creating a new style in world cinema.

It also makes the viewer in a state of mystery, excitement and suspense always when watching the movie, We present the 10 best international spy movies.

  • “Mission Impossible” Movie

The espionage movie Mission: Impossible is considered one of the best espionage and special mission films that has won great popularity and audience in the world, not only a movie but a series of 8-part films so far, and the first part of the series of those films began in 1996, while the eighth part in 2021, The film stars Tom Cruise, Ving Ramiz, Simon Pegg, and director of the first part, Brian de Palma.

As the series of films revolves around each part in which the hero performs a task that is considered impossible and arduous, Despite that, the hero succeeds in it and can finish the mission, In addition, the first part revolves around a client who is on a mission, and during the mission, one of the staff members is killed, and the agent “Ethan Hunt” is accused and tries to prove his innocence.

  • “James Bond” Movie

A series of the most famous intelligence films that were ranked and topped as the best international espionage films, It is a series of 24 films starring British secret agent James Bond. Who worked for the foreign intelligence and who embodies many fictional characters.

The company that produces the James Bond films is EON, which started from 1962 to 2015.

Movie starring Dr. *Anniel Craig, Pierce Brosnan, Sean Connery, Roger Moore, And many of the brightest Hollywood stars.

  • “No Time to Die” Movie

No Time to Die is the 25th installment in the James Bond film series of the best global spy movies. Which revolves around a dangerous criminal who threatens the world with technological danger. Being armed with extremely dangerous and modern technology, So, a member of the CIA, “Felix Leiter”, is assigned to get rid of the professional criminal with the help of James Bond’s girlfriend.

The film was produced in 2021 by the British production company, Directed by Kari Fukunaga, Written by Robert Wade, Starring Daniel Craig, Naomi Harris, David Danske, Ralph Fiennes, Bill Magnussen, hey sir, In addition, the film presented delays in a show, but was finally shown in 2021.

  • “Bridge of Spies” Movie

The film deals with a spy case that began in 1957. The film revolves around a well-known lawyer in New York City. Specialist in insurance cases, He is chosen by US intelligence to defend a suspect accused, And he’s a spy for the Soviet Union, Where the accused is exposed to attacks and violence, and the lawyer tries not to inflict it, In addition to proving his innocence of the espionage charge.

The movie stars Tom Theres. Mark Rylance, Amy Ryan, Alan Alda, or Stan Stoll, Director Steven Spielberg, The film was shown in 2015. He has won an Academy Award and a National Council.

  • “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” Movie

It is considered one of the best international spy films, as the British film is adapted from the 1974 novel of the same name by writer Le Carr√©, and the film was made in 2011, starring “Gary Oldman” Colin Firth, Benedict Cumberbatch and director Thomas Alfred Swan.

The events of the film begin with the secret work, “George Smiley”, who carries out intelligence missions, but fails in one of the operations and was forced to retire, but tries to detect who is responsible in the operation fails, It takes place during the Cold War between America and the Soviet Union.

  • “Safe House” Movie

One of the best international spy movies appeared in 2012 starring Denzel Washington, Ryan Reynolds and great director Daniel Espinosa.

The film is considered one of the spy movies full of suspense and excitement, and it revolves around one of the most dangerous American intelligence agents who defects from the gang and tries to escape from the police to surrender in South Africa at the American Consulate, And move to a secure home on the highest level.

  • “North By Northwest” Movie

North By Northwest was produced in 1959 in the United States and cost more than 4 million dollars. Starring Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint, James Marson, Martin Landau, and directed by Alfred Hitchcock. In addition, the film won many awards, including the National Film Records Award, The National Council Award.

The events of the film revolve around one of the icons of the media in America, He was pursued by a group of global criminals, After being identified as a secret government agent, Through an error in his identification.

  • “Bourne Identity” Movie

One of the best international espionage films produced by an American company in 2002, It is based on Robert Ludlum’s novel of the same name. Bourne Identity, starring Matt Damon, Franka Butin, Julia Styles, and Brian Cox, and directed by Doug Lyman.

While the events of the film revolve around a secret agent who suffers an accident that leads to the loss of his memory in the Mediterranean Sea, He was rescued by American fishermen, and after a period of treatment, he was shot in the back. He tries to discover his true identity inside one of the most dangerous US spy agencies.

  • “The Man from Uncle” Movie

The Man from Uncle is a unique movie that combines action, excitement, mystery and comedy, as well as suspense. The movie was shown in 2015. It is also shared by international stars Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer, And the great director Guy Ritchie and that it was adapted from the 1964 series of the same title, so it is considered one of the best international spy films.

This film takes place in the sixties of the last century in the period of the Cold War that occurred between America and the Soviet Union.

American intelligence sent a professional agent to arrest the spies from the CIA, who shares with another agent from the Russian intelligence, with the aim of the failure of the plan of the criminal organization that is trying to obtain nuclear weapons that threatens the world.

  • “Munich” Movie

The film is considered one of the categories of films adapted from real stories that take place in the year 1972, The film won many awards, most notably the Oscars, so the film is on the list of the best international spy films.

The film also stars Eric Bana and the great director Steven Spielberg, produced in 2005.

As the film revolves around the retaliation of any Israeli retaliatory plot aimed at killing 10 athletes participating in the Olympic Games, It sends a professional criminal on a mission to kill them, Avner Kaufman, played by Eric Bana.

If you are a fan of excitement and suspense in addition to action and mystery, then you should choose from the list of the best international spy movies and watch any of them, I am sure you will feel fun watching it.