The 8 best sites for translating texts from English to Arabic

In recent times, science has increased in development all over the world, and therefore it has become necessary to learn about all cultures and all sciences in all languages, And the need increased to search for the best translation site from English to Arabic , for the same person to learn or get acquainted with the culture of the world, or to help someone translate some texts in exchange for money. It is worth noting that translation has now become a field of self-employment, and therefore a lot of people are looking for a translation site that is accurate and easy to do. In this article, we will present the most important free online translation sites that translate texts, scientific research, files, videos and films.

100 . correct text translation

If you are looking for a site that translates full texts such as articles, research papers and book pages in the fastest time and with high accuracy, There are many websites that specialize in this, such as:

  • Babylon website: This site translates all texts from English into Arabic, It also translates 75 other languages with high accuracy. This is one of the sites with high experience in translation.
  • Bing site: One of the best translation site from English to Arabic , this site is a powerful outlet for Google Translator because it is more powerful than Google Translator, this site can translate nearly 5000 words at a time.

Online translation sites

Translation sites provide translation service from English into Arabic immediately, You just need to connect to the internet, Among the best translation site from English to Arabic are the following:

  • Google Translate website: It is the most popular translation site for many smart phone users. This site is used by a large number of people, because it contains quite a few languages, and you can switch between one language and another for the same text, Despite this reputation, there are some flaws in this site, and the translation is sometimes inaccurate.
  • Yandex website: One of the most powerful translation sites because it can translate 95 different languages, It translates all texts with high accuracy because its powerful dictionary consists of the sum of words translated by users, so it is strengthened by use.

free translation site

As a result of the openness to other cultures, the need for translation sites that perform free accurate translation has increased. Thus, the search for the best translation site from English to Arabic increased, Among the best sites are:

  • Day Transactions website: The site offers a real, linguistically corrected translation that does not depend on a literal translation, but rather an accurate translation. The site enables users to translate from English to Arabic, From Arabic to English with ease.
  • Reverso context: It is one of the best translation sites, as it provides translation that fits the context of the paragraph and sentence. The translation of this website is based on the texts found on the websites and in previous translations. The site offers other services such as the language correction service and the service of displaying word derivatives and their different meanings, The site also offers a lot of translations, You can choose the most suitable for you among them.

Scientific research translation sites

Some students and students of postgraduate studies need to translate some scientific research and master’s theses for many former professors and students in order to benefit from them in their research, Among these teachers are other languages such as English, Therefore, the student needs a website that translates scientific research in a faster time and with high accuracy. Among the most important of these sites are the following:

  • translate dict website: One of the best translation site from English to Arabic designed globally for translation of scientific research. This site offers free translation to many students, It contains 51 languages for translation, including English and Arabic, and conversion between them. One of the advantages of this site is that it offers an audio service that displays the translation if someone was talking to you, It also offers a text-to-speech conversion service and the conversion of voices into translated texts.
  • promate website: This site is not available for free because it is superior and for this reason it is distinguished from other translation sites, It contains a very powerful dictionary containing millions of words, It also determines the language of scientific research if you do not know, The site consumes a very short time to translate scientific research, unlike many other sites, But there is a drawback in that site that it contains only 20 languages.

best file translation sites

Some people may have pdf files in different languages, including English, and need to translate them into Arabic or vice versa, and look for a site that translates these files for free, One of the best translation site from English to Arabic is worldlingo. This site allows you to translate all PDF or Word files with ease, but under a certain condition, which is that the file does not exceed 500 words, All you have to do is go to the site and press browse. Then select the language of the file and then select the language you want to translate to.